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System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP operating system
  • 256 MB RAM (memory)
  • 200 MB+ available hard disk space
  • Windows compatible printer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Health Canada Label Compliance

Do you use Nutrition Facts tables on your labels? If you want the security of knowing that your products are labeled in accordance with Health Canada nutrition regulations, and the comfort of knowing your customers are being provided the nutrition information they value, then consider EZ Form® Canada Edition food labeling software.

EZ Form Canada Edition is a one-stop-shop for all your nutrition labeling needs.  Over 30 years of experience in the food industry has allowed PLC to use reliable engineering and advanced technology to truly simplify the labeling process. PLC's regulatory experts and software engineers have spent thousands of hours interpreting nutrition labeling requirements and soliciting clarification from regulatory agencies. The result: an expert system that ensures that you will have met your nutrition labeling requirements in less than an hour. Order now & save time and money with EZ Form Canada Edition.



Nutrition Facts Tables

EZ Form® creates your Nutrition Facts table (NFT) for you. Asking only basic questions about your product, the software quickly determines serving size, compensates for fat/moisture loss, handles the effects of fortification, and assesses correct panel format in order to produce a fully compliant NFT.

EZ Form supports most NFT formats: columnar, tabular, and linear; child nutrition, alternative nutrient wordings, and voluntary declaration of nutrients. The final result is a camera-ready NFT in your choice of English, French or English/French.



Ingredient & Nutrition Regulation Databases

EZ Form's expert systems and comprehensive databases guide you through complex regulations, asking only a few simple questions to create accurate and complete nutrition labeling.

EZ Form® analyzes your products' recipes using the built-in ingredient database*.  Alternatively you can import nutrient data from a computerized database or manually enter values from laboratory analyses.

EZ Form's SmartCheck expert system interprets and applies Health Canada labeling regulations to your product data.  You can also answer your own compliance questions by accessing the latest Nutrition Labeling Regulations at the touch of key.  You may display and print the regulations as well.

* Ingredient database is based on US food values. Processors using ingredients of Canadian origin, may have to derive their nutrient analysis differently.



Nutrient Claims Wizards
The EZ Form® Nutrient Content claim wizard displays a product's status with respect to nutrient content claim categories.  A display of actual versus required values allows R&D to consider re-formulating if a desired claim is almost or barely available.  Choose a claim category and select from a list of all the allowed wordings for the claim.  Any and all claim qualifiers are automatically included.



Health Canada Form 1478 & Record Tracking

EZ Form® completely automates Health Canada's Form 1478, organizing your product's information into the correct format. Product records can be categorized and/or divided among departments to assist in retrieval and to control access. Customized reports can be generated based on all the various fields of information recorded, including product name, approval type, temporary expiration date, ingredient content, and allergen content.



Quarterly Subscription Updates

Because Health Canada is constantly changing their food regulations and processes, it is critical that EZ Form® get updated regularly to remain current.  This involves significant effort to not only update the regulation databases, but also to reprogram the expert systems, calculators and wizards for up-to-the-minute compliance.

Consequently, EZ Form produces quarterly updates to incorporate these regulation changes.  We also invest heavily in program enhancements and perform the occasional bug fix.  In the next year we plan to add functionality for claims, aggregate NFTs and dual declaration NFTs. Purchasing EZ Form entitles you to two quarters of free updates.  After that, we highly recommend that you purchase an annual subscription to keep your software current.

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