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Food marketers and processors are facing their greatest challenge in two decades, as the new Nutrition Facts Panel is scheduled to become law in March 2016. Learn more about the business impact of regulatory practices and the latest market trends, as food manufacturers interact with top government and industry experts at the 28th Food Label Conference in Washington DC. This is a two-day conference you can't afford to miss, as it brings together everything you need to know about food labeling:
And since PLC believes in having fun while we learn and work, we include sightseeing, music and other entertainment in optional evening programs, located at the heart of Washington DC. Download and print brochure.


Corporate Marketing Manager 
Director of Regulatory & Labeling
Executive Brand Manager
Labeling Specialist
International Marketing Specialist
Graphic Engineer
Document Control Administrator
Global Product Compliance Mgr
HACCP Coordinator
Executive Director of R&D
Laboratory Director
General Counsel
Director of Quality Assurance
Labeling & Nutrition Program Leader
Manager - Graphic Process
Chief Science Officer
New Product Manager  
Food Technologist / Scientist
Food Safety Manager 
R&D-Tech Services 
Chief Flavor Officer
Regulatory Affairs Project Leader 
Label & Claim Substantiation Mgr
Technical Services Supervisor 
USDA Food Technologist


Abbott Nutrition
Advanced Food Systems
Agra Informa
Athens Foods
ATK Foods
Bellisio Foods
Berks Packing
Bernardi Italian Foods
Boar's Head
Bob Evans Farms
Bob's Red Mill 
Buddy's Kitchen
Burke Corporation
Cavendish Farms
Classic Foods
Columbus Foods
ConAgra Foods
Rosa DeLauro's Office
Cooper Farms
Creminelli Fine Meats
Cuisine Solutions
Custom Culinary
Custom Made Meals
Damascus Bakery
Diestel Turkey Ranch
EAS Consulting Group
Ed Miniat
Eddy Packing
Engelhart Gourmet
Flying Food Group
Fresh and Easy
Fresh Creative Foods
Fresh Mark
Frisch's Restaurants
Frontera Foods
Frozen Specialties
General Mills
Giorgio Foods
GNP Company
Golden State Foods
Griffith Laboratories
Hans Kissle
Hillshire Brands
Hot Mama's Foods
Illes Seasonings & Flavors
Indiana Packers
Int'l Flavors & Fragrances
InterTribal Buffalo Council
J. Rettenmaier
Jack Link Snacks
Jennie-O Turkey 
JMH International
Johanna Foods
Johnsonville Sausage
Jones Dairy Farm
Kayem Foods
Kellogg Company
Keystone Foods
King Arthur Flour 
Koch Foods
Kraft Foods
Lifespice Ingredients
Little Lady Foods
Lopez Foods
Lower Foods
Maple Leaf Farms
McKee Foods
MegaMex Foods
Morgan Foods
Morgan Lewis & Bockius
National Beef
Newly Weds Foods
Niman Ranch
Noodles & Company
Oberto Brands
Organic Valley
Overhill Farms
Pacific Natural Foods
Paige Food Service
Perdue Farms
Phillips Resources
Pilgrim's Pride
Pinnacle Foods
Plumrose USA
Quaker Maid Meats
Ready Pac Foods
Reinhart Foodservice
Request Foods
Reser's Fine Foods
Rich Products
Ruiz Food Products
Sanderson Farms
Sargento Foods
Seaboard Foods
Sensient Flavors
Settlers Jerky
Skyline Chili
Smithfield Foods
Sopakco Foods
Southeastern Mills
Stampede Meat
Taylor Farms
The Father's Table
The Suter Company
Tyson Foods
Vantage Foods
Vaughan Foods
Vienna Beef
Wayne Farms
Wegmans Markets
Where Food Comes 
Whitsons Culinary
Whole Foods Market
Wild Flavors
Windsor Foods
Wisdom Natural


lamar hendriks – sara lee corporation (retired)

Former Director of Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety
“This conference provides General Sessions with expertise from both Regulators and the Food Industry. In addition, individually tailored small sessions on various issues are explored in detail. The conference has always been a valuable tool for training staff and for interactions with other industry members. Personally, I highly recommend that any individual interested in food labeling attend the annual conference."
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add-on training

9:00 am - 4:00 pm FDA Labeling Basics, Claims & Trends**
9:00 am - 4:00 pm USDA Labeling Basics for Regulatory Professionals**
9:00 am - 4:00 pm Leading vs Bleeding Edge Labeling and Marketing Claims - Legal Outlook**
9:00 am - 4:00 pm Best Practices for USDA Generic Approval
9:00 am - 4:00 pm Canadian Labeling**
9:00 am - 4:00 pm School Lunch (CN) Labeling**
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm Main Conference Registration

Monday May 23

8:00 am – 9:45 am New FDA Nutrition Facts & Labeling Regulations Update
10:00 am – 11:45 am FTC Labeling Enforcement Priorities
Leading Edge vs Bleeding Edge Marketing Claims
Lunch Topic Tables
1:10 pm - 2:00 pm Breakout session I
2:10 pm - 3:00 pm Breakout session II
3:10 pm - 4:00 pm Breakout session III
4:10 pm - 5:00 pm Breakout session IV


8:00 am – 9:25 am New USDA Labeling & Regulations Policies 
USDA Generic Labeling & Enforcement
9:40 am – 10:50 am USDA Q&As
Panel: Industry Impact of the New Nutrition Regulations
11:00 am - 11:50 am Breakout session V
  Lunch Topic Tables
  1:10 pm - 2:00 pm Breakout session VI
  2:10 pm - 3:00 pm Breakout session VII
  3:10 pm - 4:00 pm Breakout session VIII


8:30 am - 3:30 pm New Nutrition Facts Panel Transition Strategies**
8:30 am - 3:30 pm USDA/FDA Nutrition Labeling**
8:30 am - 3:30 pm Automating the New NFP with EZ Form Software**

*preliminary agenda           Download brochure
**optional add-on seminar; additional fees apply
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Tracks: add-on training

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tracks: breakout sessions

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networking events

Sunday May 22nd
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm 
Registration @ Wine & Cheese Reception
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm Illuminated Bus Tour of the Monuments*

Monday May 23rd
12:00 noon 
Lunch Topic Tables
5:30 pm – 6:45 pm Networking Reception: Mingling with Music
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm Distinctive Dining*
6:15 pm – 9:30 pm Networking Packages - Blues Alley or Nats Baseball Game*

Tuesday May 24th
12:00 noon 
Lunch Topic Tables
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm Distinctive Dining*
* additional cost

Illuminated Bus Tour of Washington DC

Sunday May 22, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Witness Washington's magnificent monuments and federal buildings at the most dramatic time of day. We'll enjoy the commentary and insights of an experienced guide while riding aboard a luxury motorcoach. A boxed snack and full complement of beverages is included. Step off the coach and visit the memorials by night as well as the Kennedy Center.

Blues Alley

Monday May 23, 6:30 pm - 9:00pm
Experience "the nation's finest jazz and supper club", according to the New York Times. Monday evening we will caravan to Georgetown to dine on authentic Creole cuisine, steak and seafood dishes in an atmosphere reminiscent of the jazz clubs of the 1920's and 30's. Blues Alley is the nation's oldest continuing jazz supper club, having showcased internationally renowned artists such as Dizzy Gillespie and Eva Cassidy in a small intimate setting. Afterwards, stroll through historic Georgetown or join Liz's famous Georgetown pub crawl.

Washington Nationals Baseball Game (vs the Mets)

Monday May 23, 6:15p meet, 7:05p game
Plan to root on your team and watch the Nats play the iconic Mets at National's Ballpark by the Navy Yard. We'll set you up with tickets, Metro, and a $15 concession food/drink voucher. After meeting at registration we'll go to the ballpark as a group via the Metro (conveniently located beneath the hotel). PLC has reserved a group block for 25. First pitch is at 7:05 pm.

Distinctive Dining

Monday & Tuesday May 23 & 24, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Take in the complete DC experience and get to know other attendees in small groups at some of our favorite local restaurants. We'll have a variety of cuisines to choose from and all are within walking distance from the hotel.

invited speakers & moderators

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breakout Session descriptions

Allergen/Gluten-Free Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory
Discover the different requirements of the USDA and FDA for labeling allergens, the major source of recalls in the United States. Learn when allergens need to be declared and when they don’t, including the subtleties of containing statements. Dive into the regulations on gluten-free labeling and some considerations of its pros and cons.

Canadian Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, Expert
Learn the basics of labeling requirements for Canada, including standardized products, nutrition labeling and bilingual labeling. Discuss the subtleties of formulating products for Canada and some of the special issues that apply.  Understand what sources are available to help and what documentation is required for Canada.

Clean Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Discover best practices in clean labeling. This workshop will explore how to clean up your labels and what makes a label “clean.” These questions will be explored from an ingredient perspective.

EZ Form Software

Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Discover how this powerful software can streamline your labeling process by providing required forms, labels and camera-ready Nutrition Facts Panels, updated for the new rule. Learn how EZ Form's smart checks and record keeping can save you time and increase your compliance. Get access to EZ Form's programmer to answer your advanced questions, and learn tips and tricks for optimizing this powerful label compliance tool.

FDA Labeling Q&A's

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, Expert
Find out the answers to those nagging questions about your FDA labels. From product naming to claims and allergens, your specific questions will be answered. Led by a senior FDA consultant.

FDA Market Trends

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory
Take a peek at the latest FDA labeling trends arriving on shelves. Distinguish those that are “bleeding edge” from those that are “leading edge,” and understand the subtleties of compliance and enforcement of FDA regulations.

FDA Product Naming, Ingredient & Flavor Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory
Explore FDA regulations on product naming & ingredients labeling. Find out the difference between common, usual, descriptive, standard & fanciful names and what conventions are required for each. Discover the intricacies of declaring ingredients, including choosing a composite ingredient listing. Dive into the complex details of flavor labeling.

Food Safety, Quality, Traceability & FSMA

Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory
In this round-table workshop, you will discuss best practices to insure the safety of your products. Explore HACCP quality programs, the impact of the new FSMA regulations, support programs, reasons for recalls, and strategies for traceability. Dive into the regulations and learn strategies to mitigate risk.

FTC: Advertising & Claims

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Learn about the FTC rules on advertising and how they apply to your food package artwork and claims. Find out what the FTC's enforcement priorities are and learn the subtleties of online marketing and social media.

GMO Labeling: USDA/FDA differences

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
GMO labeling is one of the fastest progressing and most controversial trends in labeling. Explore the latest developments in this area, discover the difference between GMO and GEI, and discuss how the different regulatory jurisdictions of the USDA and FDA impact this labeling.

Icons & Logos - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

Tracks: Marketing
From front-of-pack nutrition keys to verified program stamps to branding icons from the manufacturer; new icons are being applied to more labeling than ever before. Learn types of icons currently in use and what  requirements for application might be. Finally, see what your icons might really be saying and whether there are implied claims to consider…

LSAS Label Approval

Tracks: USDA Regulatory
Learn how to use the USDA's remote label approval tool. See the demo, ask clarifying questions and share strategies with the group.

Menu Labeling for Food Service and Vending

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory
Discuss the new menu labeling and vending machine regulations going into effect December 2016 and learn what you should be doing to prepare for these changes. Understand how label requirements change for food service vs. retail products. Explore whether labels ought to change for experimental products vs. samples sent to clients and tradeshows? 

Natural Labeling: USDA vs. FDA

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Understand the ins and outs of Natural labeling. Explore the differences between USDA and FDA definitions of “Natural”. Discuss the impact on retail, restaurants and customer perception, and explore the pros and cons of this contentious claim.

Nutrient Claims & the New Nutrition Facts

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory
Understand the FDA and USDA requirements for this well-defined set of claims and how the new NFP rule will impact them. Dive into expressed versus implied claims, such as Lean, Low Fat, Sodium, and Omega claims, amongst others. Explore relative claims and Front of Package nutrient claims and the subtleties of their different requirements.

Nutrient Data and the New NFP: Lab vs. Calculation

Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Explore the integrity of the Nutrition Panel by understanding the differences between calculated and analytical methods of producing nutrient data. Discuss the various sources of nutrient data, different classes of ingredients, and issues of nutrient variability. Understand how the new NFP rule will impact lab analysis and your record-keeping systems.

Online Marketing: Labeling Information versus Point of Sale Label

Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Do you post product information on your website? Not sure about the nuances between labeling information and ecommerce label requirements? Learn the latest FDA and USDA guidance along with best practices, trends and innovations for connecting online.

Organic, Certified & Verified Claims

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Explore the intricacies of Organic, Certified, and Verified claims, including the certification process, documentation, types of claims and the subtleties of this labeling.

Prepping for the New NFP

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Two final rules are scheduled to be released by the FDA in March 2016, forcing the largest change in nutrition labeling in 20 years. Companies will need to decide to re-label, re-package, reformulate or remove their products from shelves.  Learn the specifics of the proposed rule (new formats, serving sizes, nutrients, vitamins & daily values) and what you can do to help your company navigate this massive change.

Redefining Nutrition Policy for the New NFP

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, Expert
The new NFP rules will have a major impact on the brand identity of your products. Changes to the Nutrition Facts will cascade to claims, front-of-pack labeling and will impact the graphic story of your label.  This roundtable will discuss not only the impact of these two far-reaching rules on product identity, but how you can turn it to your advantage. This is a high-level collaborative strategy session for marketing & nutrition professionals.

School Lunch (CN) Labeling

Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert;
Moderator(s): Staff of USDA-AMS CN group 

Discover the ins and outs of Child Nutrition labeling from the administrators themselves. Explore how CN labeling works and its advantages. Step through a CN label application and discuss whole-grain-rich criteria.  Find out where to obtain information and discuss some frequently asked questions.

Streamlining Label Design & Prepress

Tracks: Marketing, Expert
The new NFP ruling will greatly challenge the label development & design pipeline. You will need to optimize for efficiency and effectiveness in order to transition all of your labels by the FDA due date. In this workshop, learn best practices and what tools, outside resources and procedures are available for streamlining your process.

USDA Export Labeling

Tracks: USDA Regulatory, Expert
Discover the latest in USDA export requirements, including the intricacies of labeling, customs documentation, online resources & systems, and other important factors.

USDA Generic Labeling Update

Tracks: USDA Regulatory
Find out the latest enforcement priorities, requirements and best practices for the expanded generic rule. Explore generic eligibility and compliance, and discuss enforcement subtleties with FSIS.  Understand what you need to do to keep thorough records and discuss strategies to reduce risk.

USDA Labeling Q&A's

Tracks: USDA Regulatory, Expert
Moderator(s): Staff of Prime Label Consultants

Explore the ins and outs of USDA labeling - such as product names & qualifiers; undefined RACC and nutrient claims; negative, uncured, organic and natural claims...  Bring your specific questions on the subtleties of labeling to our industry and PLC experts.

USDA Market Trends

Tracks: Marketing, USDA Regulatory
Discover the latest innovations in USDA labeling. From animal welfare claims to genetically engineered ingredients, you will delve into the subtleties of new trends and how to manage the dialog with USDA-FSIS regulators.

USDA Product Naming, Ingredient & Flavor Labeling

Tracks: USDA Regulatory
Explore USDA regulations on product naming & ingredients labeling. Find out the difference between common, usual, descriptive, standard & fanciful names and what conventions are required for each.  Learn about the components of identity statements including many types of qualifiers. Discover the intricacies of declaring ingredients, including choosing a composite ingredient listing and labeling flavors and spices.

Using Regulatory with Marketing to Drive Innovation

Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, Expert
Discuss the latest organizational trend in labeling - to merge regulatory into the marketing department as an expert resource. This smart strategy leverages scarce resources and reduces errors and additional re-work further down the pipeline. This roundtable is intended for managers of both regulatory and marketing to explore best practices.

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add-on training

FDA Labeling Basics, Claims & Trends

Sunday May 22nd
Tracks: Marketing & FDA Regulatory
Instructor: Dr. Jesse Zuehlke, Prime Label Consultants

FDA label requirements can be confusing and trends change at a fast pace.  Learn the basics of FDA labeling and keep up with the latest developments.  In addition to stringent content / wording requirements, food labels must also comply with size, color, language, and location rules. Claims are also a moving target with many subtleties in wording and design. Learn the details of preparing and drafting out a regulatory compliant label before sending it to be printed. This course includes detailed instruction for:

...and much more!

USDA Labeling Basics

Sunday May 22nd
Tracks: USDA Regulatory
Instructor: Ames Perry, Prime Label Consultants

USDA labeling is confusing with many different sources for rules and regulations.  Stakes can be high with generic labels no longer having FSIS's stamp of approval.  Local inspectors are giving added scrutiny to labels and the risk of Noncompliance Records is greater than ever. Learn the fundamentals of USDA labeling; this seminar covers:

...and much more! Includes PLC’s Essential Guide to USDA Labeling manual ($335 value).

Leading vs Bleeding Edge Labeling and Marketing Claims - Legal Outlook

Sunday May 22nd
Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Instructors: Robert Hibbert, Morgan Lewis and Anthony Pavel, Cargill

With the explosion of product claims and the trends toward clean labeling, publishing compliant, competitive claims can be challenging. Learn the latest on what the USDA & FDA allow & what enforcement actions they are taking. This seminar is appropriate for marketing, labeling & legal staff and will cover:

...and much more!

Best Practices for USDA Generic Approval

Sunday May 22nd
Tracks: USDA Regulatory, Expert
Instructor: Jesse Waller, Cargill

Now that Generic labeling applies to the majority of products, learn how to stay compliant and share lessons learned with your peers. Understand how to satisfy USDA's generic requirements while maximizing performance in the new environment. The seminar will cover:

...and much more!

Canadian Labeling

Sunday May 22nd
Tracks: Expert
Instructor: Carol Zweep, NSF Canada

Several years ago CFIA eliminated prior approval, and now food manufacturers are on their own in Canada; this seminar covers:

...and much more!

School Lunch (CN) Labeling

Sunday May 22nd
Tracks: USDA Regulatory, FDA Regulatory, Expert
Instructor: Patricia Phillips, Phillips Resources

CN labeling is even more complicated with the new Child Nutrition regulations. This full day workshop is relevant for new employees responsible for CN labeling, or for a company just exploring the school lunch market. In this workshop you will learn the how and why of CN labeling:

...and much more!

New Nutrition Facts Panel: Transition Strategies

Wednesday May 25th
Tracks: Marketing, FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Instructors: Betty Campbell, EAS Consulting, Dr. Jesse Zuehlke, Prime Label Consultants

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel, anticipated in March 2016, will have repercussions throughout the packaged food industry. From brand image, label design and format, and new, potentially onerous record keeping requirements - companies must decide whether to simply relabel products, or to repackage, reformulate or remove them from shelves. This seminar will cover specific impacts of changing serving information, added sugars, carbohydrates, vitamins, daily values and dietary fiber.  It will explore strategies for developing a timeline and project plan - to proactively react to the new regulations and position products in the best light. This seminar will focus on:

...and much more!

FDA & USDA Nutrition Labeling

Wednesday May 25th
Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Instructor: Ames Perry, Prime Label Consultants

This comprehensive course gives participants a thorough understanding of nutrition labeling for food products under federal regulation - the result: nutrition labeling that meets federal requirements, helps consumers, and puts your product in the best light. Includes PLC’s, A Course in Nutrition Labeling ($335 value); this seminar covers:

...and much more!

Automating the New NFP with EZ Form Software

Wednesday May 25th
Tracks: FDA Regulatory, USDA Regulatory, Expert
Instructors: Fred Mosher & Michelle Lee, Prime Label Consultants

Learn how to create or convert your current Nutrition Facts Panels to the new regulations using EZ Form Software.  This class will have two tracks - a beginning track for new or prospective EZ Form users and an advanced track for experienced EZ Form users.  The beginner track will cover:

The advanced track will cover:

...and much more!

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Main Conference: May 23-24, 2016

$1,945 Regular Registration  (after May 1, 2016)

Add-ON Training: May 22 & May 25, 2016


 Download brochure.
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Grand Hyatt Washington DC:
1000 H Street NW     
Washington, D.C., USA, 20001    
+1 202 582 1234+1 202 582 1234

Please click here to register for Prime Label Consultants' exclusive discount on rooms for the conference.

Conveniently located at Metro Center - on the Red, Orange, Blue & Silver lines.

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Sponsor opportunities
As Prime Label is committed to providing our attendees with the best labeling information and resources available, for the first time in 28 years, PLC is offering value-added labeling vendors the opportunity to become a sponsor-resource at the conference. Several different levels of sponsorship are available - from table displays to receptions or full-day sponsorship. Please email us at conferencesponsor@primelabel.com for more information.  

(As the overall attendee experience remains our core concern, PLC will only accept a limited number of sponsors and reserves the right to evaluate & accept or decline individual sponsor applications.)
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