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Prime Label offers our clients a full suite of labeling solutions, from concept to approval. We seamlessly integrate a suite of label development & review and consulting services to deliver more efficient, compliant solutions for the food industry.

Whether you need to prepare for Nutrition Label Reform, brainstorm a marketing concept, construct a Nutrition Facts Panel, create claims, review your label for compliance, or submit it to USDA for approval, Prime Label Consultants (PLC) has got your back. PLC Food Technologists have daily interaction with government regulators from our offices on Capital Hill in Washington, DC.

Are you ready for Nutrition Label Reform?

In May 2016, the FDA released significant regulation changes to Nutrition Labeling. These are easily the most dramatic nutrition policy changes in 25 years. These new rules will impact your company's brand image, label design, label format and record keeping requirements. Companies will be faced with  decisions to simply re-label products or to re-package, reformulate or even remove them from shelves.

Prepare for the transition today with customized solution services from Prime Label Consultants specifically designed to educate, assess  the impact, and build strategy across departments at the enterprise, brand, and product levels.

Free Implementation Guide - Prime Label Consultants' and SGS, a global leader in package production and related marketing services, have create Label Alert Extra. This is a complimentary subscription and an invaluable resource to help you comply with the new regulations while maintaining your brand value. In each issue, Label Alert Extra will outline the 7 Steps to a Successful Transition, along with how-to guides, checklists and best practices required to convert on time and on budget.    Subscribe here now!

Nutrition Facts

Prime Label has been a leader in Nutrition labeling since NLEA first appeared in the 1990's.  Our Nutrition services, software and training are well respected in the industry since that time. PLC's assigns dieticians and food technologists to individually analyze every recipe and product.  We use our proprietary software, EZForm, which contains all FDA and USDA formats, supports bi-lingual & multi-panel labels, and converts your product to the Nutrition Label Reform format. Ask us to analyze your recipe or provide us with a lab analysis, and let PLC's nutrition experts do the rest. PLC’s food technologists work hand-in-hand with your staff to produce "graphics-ready" labels. And if you need to comply with FDA's new menu labeling regulation, we specialize in that too.

  • Nutrition Label Reform Formats
  • Nutritional Analyses from Database
  • Nutrition Facts Panels: for USDA, FDA & Canada
  • Nutrient Content Claims & Disclosure Statements
  • Recipe & Nutrition Records Management

PLC's labeling experts also develop other label elements:

  • Ingredient & Allergen Statements
  • Nutrient Content Claims
  • Health Claims
  • Certified/Verified Claims
  • Product Name/Identity & Qualifying Statements
  • Ad Copy
  • Label Sketch Prototypes (blueprint of all content on label panels, "graphics design-ready")

Menu Labeling

By May 2017, all restaurants chains with 20 or more locations operating under the same brand will need to display calories on the menu and provide detailed nutrition information to consumers. Prime Label's Food Technologists are experienced in shepherding you through this transition.  From recipe analysis using our own EZ Form software, to consulting on menu placement & positioning, PLC offers you a full-service solution to get you up and running in no time!

  • Nutrition Analysis of Recipes
  • Menu Records Management
  • Ingredient & Allergen Statements (optional)
  • Specification Sheet (optional)
  • Menu Board and Category Consulting
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Label Compliance Review

Major retailers and numerous brands trust PLC to review their labels for FDA and USDA Generic compliance.  Feedback is provided for out-of-compliance features and expert guidance for less defined areas; provided in our PLC Label Compliance Report or annotated directly into your own soft-proofing software. Our experienced Food Technologists ensure that the myriad of regulations, policies and unwritten expectations are met.  

PLC's Label Compliance Report includes two label reviews (preliminary and final) for a single food product (in English). The label reviews include a risk assessment of every mandatory and voluntary element on your label - product name/identity, net contents, nutrition facts panel, ingredient/allergen statements, address line, and all ad copy and claims (nutrient content, health, and other regulated label statements such as organic, natural, etc.). PLC's Label Compliance Report service covers FDA and USDA Generic labels. Once your label artwork is complete, we will conduct a final artwork review to ensure compliance. Note that the second review must be performed within one month of the first. With the burden of label compliance greater than ever, it pays to get a second opinion before incurring expensive printing costs. Get faster and more accurate label reviews or outsource via remote approval to us!

USDA Approval

For almost half a century, PLC has been expediting food label approvals through FSIS regulators near our offices on Capitol Hill. PLC boasts a 95% approval rate at the USDA (compared with a 63% industry average). If you want timely label approvals, you will need an experienced Food Technologist reviewing your application to ensure that the myriad of regulations, policies and unwritten expectations are met.  Otherwise, rejection of a label can lead to multiple delays and costly production interruptions. PLC will also determine if your label qualifies for Generic approval, and help you choose the best path for label approval at the USDA.  We provide:

  • USDA Basic, Prime and Emergency expediting services
  • Food Technologist Label Error Report and USDA Approval Report
  • EZ Approval Package - send us your label & formula, we will do the rest!
  • Child Nutrition Labeling and Approval
  • Food technologists trained in label formulation and nutrition

With the burden of label compliance now on USDA plants, it pays to get a second opinion before the local inspector tags product. Get faster and more accurate label approvals with the industry's largest and most qualified label consulting company. Download our order form, USDA Form 7234 & instructions, or Temporary Approval form and email, fax or mail in your labels today!

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In addition to our pre-defined services described above, PLC offers custom consulting to food industry clients on a wide range of labeling related matters.  PLC is staffed by food technologists, headed up by Jesse Zuehlke, PhD.  Our consultants have helped clients with a wide range of services, including:

  • Product Ideation
  • FDA & USDA Label Compliance
  • USDA Emergency Approvals and FSIS Appeals
  • Premium Access Retainer Service

Label Process Audits

To ensure full compliance with the complex and myriad requirements of the USDA or FDA, PLC offers an auditing service which examines your labeling process, company practices, information systems, and product labels for accuracy and efficiency. Our experienced team will identify deficiencies in the labeling process and documentation practices that are often overlooked by food companies, and suggest a plan for addressing workflow and expertise gaps.

  • Review your labels for compliance and accuracy, and identify patterns in non-compliance issues
  • Evaluate information systems and supporting documentation practices
  • Assess in-house skills and recommend specific training
  • Provide a recommended action plan identifying key problems and suggested solutions
  • Share expertise and labeling techniques onsite with your staff
  • Audits are performed by a Managing Consultant and Food Technologist with years of labeling expertise

The Label Process Audit is performed as an onsite audit over 1-3 days, with the deliverable of a scored report that identifies gaps and suggests best practices in a scored framework.

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Turnkey Solutions

Outsourcing is a service where PLC's labeling professionals can completely handle all your food labeling needs. If you are short of staff or lack the training to work on complex government requirements, we can become your extended food labeling staff - only when you need it. PLC has dealt with thousands of labels a year for over 40 years, and we can ensure high quality, cost-effective label compliance for your company. We provide:

  • Label formulation, naming, nutrition, claims & approval
  • An interface with your labeling, R&D, QA, marketing & graphics dept's
  • Dedicated Food Technologist as account manager
  • Complete electronic record of labels and approvals
  • Strict confidentiality

If you have a labeling staff, we’ll relieve it of dozens of time-consuming tasks. If you don’t have a labeling staff, we’ll become it! Add the experts at PLC to your labeling staff and save time and money!

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