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Nutrition Facts Panel Service (NFPs)

  • Give us your recipe or your own 100 gram analysis, and we will create a compliant nutrition panel for your product. Prime Label's food technologists calculate your serving information and the nutrient content of your product, making sure that all units, rounding and daily values are compliant to FDA and USDA regulations. You will receive a graphic file to provide to your designer, along with an NFP report for your file.

New or Old NFP format?

  • We can create either the new FDA revised 2016 format, or the old 1993 version, either of which can be used on food labels in the U.S. Note that the FDA has proposed Jan 1, 2020 as the new compliance date - which is the date all FDA food products will have to be labeled with the new version. The USDA will accept either version, but if you are putting the new format on your label, you will need to get one version of each panel type approved at the USDA's offices in Washington D.C. (don't worry, we can help you with that as well)!

New 2016 Nutrition Label Reform Rules

  • PLC's food technologists will evaluate your 2016 NFP for new required dual column and complex added sugar/dietary fiber rules. Request a Nutrition Label Reform consultation, and our experts will walk you through the extra nutrient source documentation and formatting requirements dictated by the new regulations.

Nutrient Analysis

  • Your Nutrition Facts panel will come with serving sizes, servings per container, calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, total sugars, added sugars, protein, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and potassium calculated. Other nutrients are available (may be mandatory if claims or fortification is present) and can be added at an additional cost. Our proprietary EZ Form Nutrition Navigator software is the tool we use to create your nutrition panel. This software has been tested over 2 decades and contains the latest  validated nutrient values from USDA Standard Reference. It is also the only tool that accurately determines serving information and tests for dual column triggers.

Product and Ingredient Information

  • In order to create an accurate panel, we will need some key information about your product. In addition to the recipe/formula, we will need to know how the food is processed and how it is packaged to prepare a Nutrition Facts Label that is fully compliant with the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. Note that formulas with nested "sub-recipes" (with multiple components) incur extra work and additional cost. For purchased multi-component ingredients, we also require the 100-gram nutritional information from your suppliers, with accurate allergen, added sugar and dietary fiber information.

Additional NFP Services

  • For an extra charge, PLC can provide additional package sizes and panel formats (for the same formula). We can also create multi-column "As Packaged/As Prepared" or multi--pack, aggregate panels. In addition, foreign languages are supported with bi-lingual (Spanish/English or French/English) panels as well as Health Canada panels for CFIA. Canadian nutrition facts tables can either come in Canada's new or old format.

Ingredients and Allergen Statement

  • Using your recipe formulation and ingredient specification sheets, we will prepare a consumer-friendly Ingredient and Allergen Statement that complies with FDA & USDA regulations. You will receive both the text of the two statements and any back-up documentation necessary. Note that these statements require you to submit specification sheets for all manufactured ingredients to ensure accuracy of allergen information.

Label Compliance Report

  • PLC's Label Compliance Report includes two label reviews (preliminary and final) for a single food product (in English). The label reviews include a risk assessment of every mandatory and voluntary element on your label - product name/identity, net contents, nutrition facts panel, ingredient/allergen statements, address line, and all ad copy and claims (nutrient content, health, and other regulated label statements such as organic, natural, etc.) as a part of this report. PLC's Label Compliance Report service covers FDA, USDA Generic and Health Canada labels. Once your label artwork is complete, we will conduct a final label view to ensure compliance. Note that the second review must be performed within one month of the first.

Additional Minutiae

  • PLC may require additional information such as cooking losses, protein quality, % juice, etc.