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Child Nutrition Labeling Videos

EZ Form is the premier software program to automate your Child Nutrition labeling. Calculating complicated CN credits has never been easier. EZForm will even help you achieve a target meat credit to optimize your profitability. And with the ability to automatically create AMS submissions as well as product formulation statements, you will save valuable time. In addition, EZ Form reminds you automatically of CN expiration dates and its recordkeeping features make tracking your product and approvals nearly effortless. See below for an overview of the CN features of EZ Form and detailed how-to's for you to get started today!

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Child Nutrition How-To Videos

  • Download & Install EZForm
  • Create a New CN Product
  • Create a CN Product Formulation
  • Calculate Child Nutrition Credits
  • Create a CN Label
  • Create a CN Product Formulation Statement
  • Produce Your AMS Documentation