37th Annual Food Label Conference
Taking Place June 1-4, 2025 in Washington DC

Check out the 2024 event program to see highlights from this year's event.

  • USDA and industry experts' take on government intent, regulation policies and enforcement
  • In-depth, hands-on, interactive breakout sessions on a wide variety of specialized topics
  • Virtual 'Continuing Conference' sessions to keep you updated on the latest throughout the year
  • Valuable networking opportunities with regulators, experts, private label brands and peers
  • Optional training on USDA & FDA labeling, claims, international labeling and more
  • Sightseeing and other entertainment in optional evening programs, located in the heart of DC
  • Renew old friendships and make new ones!



Add-On Training *
Sunday June 2

8:00 am - 9:00 am

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Seminar Registration

USDA Labeling Basics ** 
FDA Labeling Basics **
Canadian Labeling **
School Lunch (CN) Labeling **

Main Conference Registration
Walking Tour of Washington DC **
Kennedy Center - Dixie’s Tupperware Party **

* sessions subject to change
** optional; additional fees apply

Main Conference Day 1 *
Monday June 3

7:30 am - 8:30 am

8:30 am – 8:45 am
8:45 am - 9:15 am
9:15 am – 10:00 am 
10:00 am - 10:30 am
10:45 am - 11:30 pm

11:30 am - 12:00 pm 
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12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

4:15 pm - 6:30 pm
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Main Conference Day 2 *
Tuesday June 4

8:00 am - 8:30 am

8:30 am – 9:00 am
9:00 am - 9:30 am
9:30 am – 10:15 am
10:30 am- 11:15 am
11:30 am - 12:15 pm

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm 
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm 

Main Conference Registration

AI in Regulatory and Food Safety *
Regulating Novel Proteins in the US *
USDA Labeling Policy Update
Legal Perspectives on the Next Year
Breakout Session 4

Breakout Session 5
Breakout Session 6

Add-On Training
Wednesday June 5

8:00 am - 3:00 pm
8:00 am - 11:00 am
8:00 am - 3:00 pm
8:00 am - 11:00 am

Continuing Conference*

Keeping the best of our recent conferences, we will have four unique 'Continuing Conference' sessions to keep you updated on the latest  throughout the year.

September 2024, November 2024, January 2025, March 2025

* sessions subject to change
** optional; additional fees apply

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We have 5 tracks to help guide your conference and training experience. If you are new to Regulatory, choose between FDA or USDA tracks. Dietitians and nutrition specialists will find our Nutrition track appropriate, while Product Marketing managers and Graphics Design professionals will want to sign up for the Marketing track. Our final track - Legal - is designed for those who wish to learn more about current litigation trends.







We have 5 tracks to help guide your conference and training experience. If you are new to Regulatory, choose between FDA or USDA tracks. Dietitians and nutrition specialists will find our Nutrition track appropriate, while Product Marketing managers and Graphics Design professionals will want to sign up for the Marketing track. Our final track - Legal - is designed for those who wish to learn more about current litigation trends.

Main Conference

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The Food Label Conference brings together government policy makers and industry experts in a collaborative exchange of trends, ideas and best practices.  Our General Sessions will take place over 2 half-day, live sessions. These sessions will highlight current and former government officials giving insight into government priorities and enforcement actions for the upcoming year. This event will also feature over 30 different different Breakout Sessions on specialized subjects to choose from, offering sessions for in-depth expertise-exchange and discussion.

Keeping the best of our recent conferences, we will have four unique 'Continuing Conference' virtual sessions to keep you updated on the latest  throughout the year. These sessions are included with Main Conference registration.

General Sessions

The Food Label Conference brings together government policy makers and industry experts in a collaborative exchange of trends, ideas and best practices.  Our 8 General Sessions will take place over 2 half-day, live sessions on June 3 - 4, 2024. These sessions will highlight current and former government officials giving insight into government priorities and enforcement actions for the upcoming year.

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Trends in Packaged Food *

Elizabeth Crawford, FoodNavigator-USA
Explore the latest trends in packaged food, with a focus on labeling and regulatory considerations. Discuss emerging consumer demands for healthier, more sustainable, and transparent products, and how these trends are driving changes in food labeling and regulations. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the future of the packaged food industry and how to navigate evolving regulatory landscapes

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FDA Nutrition Policy Update *

Laura Carroll, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA
A key update on the FDA's nutrition priorities, including efforts outlined in the White House Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. This session will cover front-of-pack labeling, the “healthy” claim, and sodium reduction, along with other nutrition initiatives the FDA has in the works.

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Front of Pack Labeling *

Kris Sollid, RD, International Food Information Council (IFIC)
The use of Front-of-Package (FOP) nutrition labeling schemes is growing around the world. In the United States, the White House has released a National Strategy that includes a directive to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct research and propose a standardized FOP nutrition labeling system for food packages to help consumers, particularly those with lower nutrition literacy, quickly and easily identify foods that can help them build a healthy eating pattern. The FDA has initiated qualitative and quantitative consumer research to explore the development of a mandatory FOP nutrition labeling scheme. The prototype FOP schemes being tested by FDA include three nutrients: Added Sugars, Saturated Fat, and Sodium.

Given the FOP initiatives underway at the FDA and other health agencies throughout the world, in the fall of 2023, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) built on its extensive history of understanding the American consumer mindset by commissioning a quantitative FOP consumer study that included experimental exercises designed after those employed by FDA. This session will share results from IFIC’s latest consumer study.

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FDA Reorganization & Regulatory Agenda *

Frank Yiannas, Smarter FY Solutions
A major reorganization and ambitious regulatory agenda at the Food & Drug Administration take center stage for 2024. During this session, Frank Yiannas will share a critical perspective on impacts of the upcoming agency organization and expectations for the regulatory agenda. Yiannas brings unparalleled insights into risk mitigation and regulatory compliance from a wealth of experience having served as FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response from 2018 to 2023, preceded by 30 years in food safety leadership at Walmart and The Walt Disney Co.

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Panel Discussion: Navigating Regulatory Changes *

Join us for an insightful panel discussion with seasoned food industry experts as they delve into the strategies for navigating regulatory changes. From adept horizon scanning to anticipating forthcoming regulations, to meticulous planning and execution within their businesses, learn how these professionals stay ahead of the curve. Through engaging discussion, discover actionable insights into the successful implementation of regulatory adjustments, ensuring compliance while driving sustainable growth in the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory compliance.

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AI in Food Safety and Regulatory *

Dr. Ben Miller, The Acheson Group (TAG)
In this presentation, we will explore how AI and machine learning (ML) technology may affect food safety and regulatory practice.  We will discuss potential applications in predicting foodborne pathogen outbreaks, ensuring traceability across the supply chain, and automating compliance. We’ll also cover how AI could facilitate comprehensive risk assessments through predictive analytics, allowing for preemptive safety measures that surpass traditional methods. Join us to explore the future of food safety, and where AI-driven innovations have the potential to transform our approach to safeguarding food safety and public health.

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Regulating Novel Proteins in the US *

Madeline J. Cohen, The Good Food Institute (GFI)
The regulatory landscape for plant-based, fermented-derived, and cell-cultivated products in the United States continues to evolve. This session will keep you current on advances in these product categories and provide an overview of state and federal legislative and regulatory considerations for marketing and distribution. Finally, you will gain perspective on policy expectations going forward.

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USDA Labeling Policy Update *

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Legal Perspectives on the Next Year *

Robert Hibbert, Wiley Rein LLP
Tony Pavel, Keller and Heckman LLP
Two leading DC legal minds share their perspective on expected regulatory changes, emerging trends and risks, food standard controversies, and marketplace trends and technologies.

* sessions subject to change

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Breakout Sessions

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Added Sugars

Lacey Durrance, Prime Label Consultants
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA
The definition of Added Sugar has been vastly debated since the publication of FDA's final rule for nutrition labeling. Since then, the agency has released additional guidance to facilitate implementation of the rules. This session will use examples and case studies to explain the FDA's definition of Added Sugars, propose best practices for troubleshooting data collection, and highlight strategies for optimizing Nutrition Facts Panel declaration.

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Allergen Labeling

Elizabeth Stoll, Walmart
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Marketing
Discover the different requirements of the USDA and FDA for labeling allergens, a major source of label recalls in the United States. Talk through implementation complexities, including adding sesame as a major allergen and the dilemmas around when to use precautionary allergen statements.

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Bioengineered Labeling (NBFDS) Update

Alexandria Fischer, Food Disclosure and Labeling Division, USDA AMS
Tracks: FDA, USDA
With mandatory bioengineered disclosure now in place, industry has begun to standardize best practices for labeling. This session will cover any updates and nuances to the specifics of the new rule, the options for disclosing BE status and plans for USDA enforcement.

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California Proposition 12: Farm Animal Confinement

Amaru Sanchez, Wiley Rein LLP
Tracks: USDA, Marketing, Legal

Since coming into full effect in January, California's Proposition 12 has set the stage for significant change within the agricultural sector, establishing minimum space requirements based on square feet for breeding pigs, veal calves, and egg-laying hens and banning the sale of meat and eggs from those animals within California when they are raised in a way that does not comply with the minimum requirements. Explore the far-reaching effects of Prop 12 on the U.S. pork industry and provide actionable insights for producers navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by this and similar legislation across other states.

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Canadian Labeling

Linda Winget, NSF International
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing

Understand new Canadian nutrition and ingredient labeling regulations and learn how they differ from labeling in the US, including the Front-of-Package symbol, Nutrition Facts Table and ingredient list formats, and allergen declarations. Discuss the subtleties of formulating products for Canada and some of the special issues that apply. Understand what resources are available to you to ensure your Canadian labels are compliant.

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Cannabis in Food: Regulatory Update

Jonathan Havens, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Tracks: FDA, Marketing, Legal
Cannabidiol (CBD) remains in the news, especially since FDA's January 26th announcement that existing regulatory frameworks for foods and supplements are not appropriate for CBD, and that the FDA will work with Congress on a path forward.  Despite this, CBD and other cannabinoids continue to be used in foods and supplements. Find out why cannabinoid-infused products could hold both promise and peril, what we know about the science behind the hype, and what remains to be seen. Learn about the confusing legal and regulatory framework surrounding hemp-derived products, when and how the federal landscape in this area might change (including an update on the Farm Bill and its potential implications for the space), and the rules of the road about adding cannabinoids to food products.

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Child Nutrition (School Lunch) Labeling Overview

Patricia Phillips, Phillips Resources
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing
Join a leading expert in Child Nutrition labeling for an overview of program crediting and the application process. Discuss the 2024 Final Rule updating CN standards to reflect the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines. Explore how CN labeling works and discuss current trends and what's on the horizon. Learn about the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) quality control program and the CN label application process.

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Emerging Ingredients: Clean Label, Ultra Processed, Molecular Farming, Precision Fermentation

Kantha Shelke, Corvus Blue LLC
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Marketing

Clean label trends are back in focus for 2024. Growing consumer and media attention on ingredient safety and Ultra Processed Foods has driven extra attention to easy-to-understand ingredient statements and trustworthy labels. When it comes to meeting what consumers want, it is a lot easier said than done. This session will cover the technical realities associated with the concept of a “clean” label from an R&D and Regulatory perspective.

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FDA Updates: Healthy Claim and FOP Labeling

Mason Weeda & Kyla Kaplan, OFW Law
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, Marketing, Legal

In September 2022 FDA proposed to update the definition of “healthy,” initially set in 1994. FDA found the current definition does not align with current nutrition science, federal dietary guidelines, and the updated nutrition facts label. Since 2021, FDA has been conducting consumer research on Front of Pack Labeling, which is an emerging international trend.  This session covers the proposed “healthy” rule, FDA research on a voluntary “healthy” symbol, and FDA’s research on a mandatory “front of pack” (FOP) labeling system.

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Flavor Labeling Trends

Lisa Cummins, McCormick Flavor Solutions | McCormick FONA
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing

Flavor labeling tops the charts as one of the most common complicated aspects of product labeling. This session will cover flavor descriptors and the laws governing labeling and specific situations including food allergens, flavoring agents, ingredient classifications, flavor categories, organic, kosher and halal.

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Food Service Labeling

Teri Bello, Cargill Protein
Tracks: FDA, USDA

Products manufactured for Food Service - hotels, restaurants, and institutions - are not always subject to the same requirements as retail packaged labeling. Labeling for other not-for-retail items can also be a challenge due to limited regulatory information. With a scarcity of agency guidance, this session will review some regulatory requirements, but focus on industry expectations and best practices for HRI,  not-for-retail, and other retail distribution channels.

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FSIS New Ingredient and Technology Review

Office of Policy and Program Development, FSIS, USDA
Tracks: USDA
New technologies, such as novel ingredients, antimicrobials, and processing methods, must be determined to be safe and suitable for use in meat, poultry, and egg products. Join the FSIS Risk Management and Innovation Staff (RMIS) to learn the types of new technologies that require review, processes for preparing and submitting new technology notifications, and what to expect from the agency during the process.

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Legal Risks: Demand Letters and Litigation Trends

Ivan Wasserman, Amin Talati Wasserman
Tracks: FDA, Marketing, Legal
Plaintiff litigation and demand letters are becoming one of the primary risks to consider in developing product marketing strategies. Learn how to navigate the shark tank with this discussion of the current litigation landscape, how to best protect your company, and what to do if and when your product becomes a target.

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Made in the USA Claim

Emily Hendricks & Jesse Zuehlke, Prime Label Consultants
Tracks: USDA, Marketing
Discuss the newly released USDA final rule on the Made in the USA claim - its requirements and compliance implications. Delve into the updated FSIS guidance on label approval. Then switch jurisdictions to explore these claims on FDA-regulated products, navigating FTC guidance and regulation complexities.

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Managing the Supply Chain for Regulatory Compliance

Sheila Dy Juanco, Upside Foods
Tracks: FDA, USDA
The complex network that makes up our global supply chain for the food industry has been the focus of numerous challenges as well as media attention, especially over the past four years. During this session focused on best practices for regulatory compliance within our food and beverage supply chains, we will discuss supplier relationships, data consistency, coordination of vendors, ingredient substitutions, claims verification, information integrity, and more.

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Mandatory COOL Labeling

Sean Kenworthy, Food Disclosure and Labeling Division, USDA-AMS
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing

Country of Origin Labeling is managed by the Food Disclosure and Labeling Division of AMS USDA, and required for retail labeling of a range of raw agricultural commodities. Learn how to determine if your products are covered and the labeling requirements, along with common FAQs to help fully implement your labeling strategy.

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Mexican Labeling

Phil Daniel, TechLink International
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing

A critical session if you are exporting food to Mexico. TechLink will share their overview of the current NOM-051 food labeling standards, with a focus on the upcoming phase 3 requirements. Review general requirements, including front of package requirements, stop signs, nutritional panel calculations and more.

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Natural Labeling Complexities

Eve Pelonis, Keller and Heckman LLP
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing, Legal
The natural products market continues to grow in the US and around the globe. This session is critical to understand the ins and outs of Natural claims on labeling. Explore the differences between FDA and USDA definitions of “Natural”, and when the claim may present litigation risks. Discuss the impact on retail, restaurants and customer perception, and explore the pros and cons of this contentious claim, both on the package and in related advertising and marketing.

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NFP Calculations: Serving Sizes, DVs & Rounding Nuances

Fred Mosher & Michelle Liang, Prime Label Consultants
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA

Explore the integrity of the Nutrition Panel by understanding the differences between calculated and analytical methods of producing nutrient data. Discuss the various sources of nutrient data and how to apply them to determine serving size and daily values. Understand the nuances of FDA rounding rules. Includes a brief introduction to Prime Label’s EZ FormⓇ food labeling software.

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Nutrient Content Claims

Lisa Weller Ashton, Food Regulatory Consultant
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing

Learn about FDA and USDA requirements for expressed and implied claims including common call-outs such as Low Calorie, Low Fat, No Added Sugar and High Protein. Explore relative claims and front of pack nutrient claims, and the subtleties of their different requirements.

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Online Food Labeling Workshop

Eva Greenthal, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Marketing

Discuss the status of online food labeling and a draft online labeling bill with CSPI, an independent consumer advocacy organization. CSPI has been working with lawmakers, with consultation from FDA and industry stakeholders, to craft an e-commerce food labeling bill. This is a unique opportunity to propose modifications and give input on industry issues such as maintaining data accuracy, supply chain data handoff challenges, aligning product images with textual information, and liability.

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Organic Labeling Update and Q&A

Erin Healy, USDA AMS National Organic Program
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing

Last year marks what many are calling the most significant new rulemaking from USDA on the Organic Program since its inception. Learn about recently-published rules, including Strengthening Organic Enforcement, and how the changes may impact your own organic operations and labels.

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Pet Food Label Modernization

Austin Therrell, The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) rolled out its newly revised Model Regulations for Pet Food and Specialty Pet Food in January 2024 with the goal of providing pet food labeling information that is transparent, easy to understand and in a format more familiar to consumers. Learn about the label changes, expectations and implementation timeline so you’re positioned to help educate your employees and customers about these new requirements.

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PFAS, Heavy Metals & Other Environmental Contaminants

Martha Marrapese, Wiley Rein LLP
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Legal

Contaminants may emanate from any direction. This presentation will focus on prevention, detection strategies, and best practices to avoid heavy metal contaminants from coming through unknowingly in imported ingredients.  We will also explore how packaging components and public water systems can add another complication to the mix, highlighting the breadth of PFAS contamination and its impact on litigation in the years ahead.  It is difficult to test for every conceivable contaminant. Those attending this session will come away with additional strategies for reducing liability and risks to the food supply.

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Plant-Based and Substitute Proteins: Naming and Regulatory

Brian P. Sylvester, Perkins Coie LLP
Tracks: FDA, Legal
As plant-based foods continue to gain ground in the U.S. marketplace, questions around lawful product naming and claims have captured the interest of FDA, stakeholders and Congress culminating most recently in FDA's publication of its Draft Guidance on Plant-Based Milk Alternatives last year, a particularly popular category of plant-based foods.  This year, we also anticipate that FDA will publish Draft Guidance on the Labeling of Plant-Based Alternatives to Animal-Derived Foods and that USDA-FSIS will publish a proposed rule on the Labeling of Meat or Poultry Products Comprised of or Containing Cultured Animal Cells.  Today’s session will focus on FDA's Draft Guidance on Plant-Based Milk Alternatives, which provides the legal POV on insights not just for plant-based milks, but more broadly for understanding how both FDA and USDA will likely approach the issue of naming of plant-based alternatives and cultured meat, more generally.  We will also consider FDA’s draft guidance in the broader context of consumer scrutiny and litigation and share our views on best practices for managing risk for a range of plant-based foods and alternative protein products.

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Prebiotics, Probiotics & Functional Food Claims

Ralph Simmons, Foster Garvey PC
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, Marketing, Legal

The categories of prebiotics, probiotics, and functional foods share an important characteristic for purposes of FDA labeling regulations – they have no definition. Foods with these ingredients and descriptions may be conventional foods, dietary supplements, drugs, or medical foods under FDA’s regulations. The regulatory category depends on the physical form of the product and, most importantly, the claims made for the product. This session will explore these different product and labeling categories and the applicable FDA labeling requirements.

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Preserving Food Integrity & Combating Food Fraud

Steven Gendel, Gendel Food Safety LLC
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing
Food fraud - purposely altering, misrepresenting, mislabeling, substituting, or tampering with foods and ingredients anywhere along the agri-food supply chain - represents a serious threat to primary producers, manufacturers,  and consumers.  This session will cover how fraud occurs, talk about which foods are at greatest risk, and discuss ways that everyone in the industry can help prevent food fraud.

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Q&A on FDA Compliance

Lisa Weller Ashton, Food Regulatory Consultant
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA

Find out the answers to those nagging questions about your FDA labels. From product naming to claims and allergens, bring your specific questions to be answered by a PLC Independent Consultant.

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Q&A on USDA Compliance

Emily Hendricks, Prime Label Consultants
Tracks: Nutrition, USDA

Explore the ins and outs of USDA labeling - such as product names and qualifiers; undefined RACC and nutrient claims; negative, uncured, organic and natural claims. Bring your specific questions on the subtleties of labeling to our industry and PLC experts.

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Sustainability & Environmental Marketing Claims

Sam Jockel & Rachel Lowe, Alston & Bird
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing, Legal

Environmental claims are now ubiquitous in the marketplace and we’ve all seen a marked increase in litigation.  Marketers are facing risk from regulators, NGOs, consumer class action attorneys, and competitors, even when they have vetted their sustainability-related product labeling and advertising.  Marketers are also bracing for an update to FTC’s Green Guides governing environmental marketing claims.  This session will cover regulatory and litigation developments, including recent court rulings and provide insights on risk mitigation.

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USDA Animal Production, Raising & Grading Claims

Emily Hendricks, Prime Label Consultants
Tracks: USDA, Marketing
Discuss the complexity of Animal Production and Breed Raising claims such as Cage-Free Poultry, Free-Range, No Added Hormones or Antibiotics, Humanely Raised, Certified Angus and others. Find out the latest in USDA grading claims.

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USDA Generic Approval

Celia Yau & Kirby Ham, Prime Label Consultants
Tracks: USDA

Find out the latest enforcement priorities, requirements and best practices for the expanded generic rule. Explore generic eligibility and compliance, and discuss enforcement subtleties. Understand what you need to do to keep thorough records and discuss strategies to reduce risk.

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USDA Nutrition Data: FoodData Central

Kyle McKillop, Food for Health of People and the Environment Lab, USDA
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA

Hear from USDA to better understand USDA FoodData Central. In 2019 USDA instituted the most significant changes to 35 years of content in the Standard Reference nutrition libraries. Learn about the structure, partner industry data, and how to use this public database.

Continuing Conference

Keeping the best of our recent conferences, we will have four unique 'Continuing Conference' sessions to keep you updated on the latest  throughout the year.

September 2024, November 2024, January 2025, March 2025

What Our Attendees Say

I can’t recommend coming to this conference enough - whether you’re early in your career, mid-career, or late career, because there’s always something new to learn . . .  USDA employees and Prime Label employees can get back to you, and that’s fantastic.
Karen Creswick
Compliance & Labeling Specialist - JMH International
Prime Label is the one source of truth, so I think it’s really important to attend a conference like PLC’s.
Marriott Winchester
President of ManageArtworks USA
It’s not only informative [for] the annual updates, ... the value add that information provides, and the solice you get from speaking directly with the USDA or FDA, ... but it’s really the comradery and the relationships you establish with all the other people that have like questions ... you gain the understanding that everyone is suffering from the same uncertainty and you know that you can actually reach out to not only FSIS but your fellow friends that have the same issues.
Seth Dodds
Regulatory Specialist - Plumrose
I am really excited to be here and to be able to geek out on regulatory.
Elaine Chao
Regulatory Affairs Technologist - Kagome
This conference provides General Sessions with expertise from both Regulators and the Food Industry. In addition, individually tailored small sessions on various issues are explored in detail. The conference has always been a valuable tool for training staff and for interactions with other industry members.
Lamar Hendricks
Director of Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety - Sara Lee Corporation (Retired)
This conference is excellent for networking ...[and] keeping up on the administrative rulings that are coming out, as well as final rules and proposed rules.
Justin Crews
Regulatory and Compliance Manager - Wellshire Farms
I decided to attend the Prime Label Conference this year for the first time because ... I really wanted to get an insight in how companies are thinking through some of the trending regulatory issues facing the food industry today. It is giving me some ideas about how I am going to work with my clients going forward.
Brain P. Sylvester
Covington & Burling LLP



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Networking Events

Sunday June 2

Monday June 3

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
4:15 pm - 6:30 pm
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Walking Tour of Washington DC **

Sunday, June 2, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Witness Washington's magnificent landmarks on this guided walking tour. You’ll get up close to a selection of the city’s famous memorials located on the National Mall. There’s something for everyone–neoclassical architecture, modern sculpture, haunting remembrances of war, and historical insights. Along the way, your guide sets the scene for the Federal City’s original plans to memorialize its national heroes and how they’ve evolved with time. Tour includes about 2 hrs of walking with a Washington Walks guide. Tickets are limited. Tickets still available: $45.

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Kennedy Center - Dixie’s Tupperware Party  **

Sunday, June 2, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
See Dixie’s Tupperware Party at the renown Kennedy Center.Filled with outrageously funny tales, heartfelt accounts, audience participation, and a little bit of empowerment and homespun wisdom, Dixie’s Tupperware Party leaves your heart a little bigger and your food a little fresher. Arrive early to tour the beautiful Hall of Nations or Hall of States or to dine at the Roof Terrace Restaurant. Show starts at 7:30 PM. Tickets are limited and do not include travel or food costs. Tickets still available: $50.

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Networking Lunch

Monday, June 3rd, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Continue discussion from the Roundtable Workshop over lunch. Share your perspective, best practices, and discuss questions on trending topics and critical themes in the food industry today. Each table will informally establish a facilitator and have the opportunity to walk through several topics and associated discussion questions. Discuss as many or few as you like!

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Walmart Supplier's Luncheon

Monday, June 3rd, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Walmart supplier's are invited to join Elizabeth Stoll, Senior Manager of Food Safety Labeling at Walmart for a luncheon on Monday, June 3rd at the Food Label Conference. This informal session will provide an excellent opportunity to meet Walmart suppliers and discuss the latest regulatory developments affecting us all. This lunch meeting will also present attendees with a chance to connect in person.

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Cocktail Networking Reception, sponsored by Label IQ

Monday, June 3, 4:15 pm - 6:30 pm
Network with PLC and other conference attendees during a complimentary cocktail reception sponsored by Label IQ, PLC’s new technology-assisted Label Audit service. Join up into small groups afterwards and continue your conversations over dinner.

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Major League Baseball: Nationals Game **

Monday, June 3, 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
Join us at Nationals Park and enjoy America's Pastime as the Washington Nationals play the New York Mets. Arrive early to snag some snacks and soak in the energy from dedicated fans. Conveniently located in the vibrant Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington DC, the stadium is just a short Metro ride away from the Grand Hyatt hotel. Game starts at 6:45 PM. Tickets are limited and do not include travel or food costs. Tickets still available: $80.

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Distinctive Dining **

Monday, June 3, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
If you are hoping to uncover the culinary delights of the city, swing by The Old Ebbitt Grill to rub elbows with beltway insiders or pop by Yardbird to see what the locals are raving about. With a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and lounges right outside the doors of the Grand Hyatt hotel, you can sample all that the city has to offer. No registration required. Stop by the Reception Desk to learn more about our staff’s favorite places to dine! 

** additional cost

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Invited Speakers & Moderators*

Office of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, CT

Office of Congresswoman Alma Adams, NC

Office of Congresswoman Grace Meng, NY

Trish Tung-Tayman, USDA-AMS, Child Nutrition Division

Erin Healy, NOP Division Director, NOP, USDA-AMS

Rosalyn Murphy-Jenkins, Director of LPDS, USDA-FSIS

Jeff Canavan, Deputy Director of LPDS, USDA-FSIS

Tammie Ballard, USDA-FSIS 

Melinda Mallon, USDA-FSIS

Tawana Harrington, USDA-FSIS

Janice Fabina, USDA-FSIS

Kierra Lucas, USDA-FSIS

Cindy Watkins, USDA-FSIS

Hannah Filloon, USDA-FSIS

Sally Jones, USDA-FSIS


Paul Wolseley, USDA-FSIS

James Chisholm, IEPDS, USDA-FSIS

Robert Hibbert, Wiley Rein LLP

Tony Pavel, Perfect Day Foods

Kantha Shelke, PhD, Corvus Blue LLC

Brian P. Sylvester, Covington & Burling LLP

Patricia Phillips, Phillips Resources
Lisa Cummins, FONA International Inc.

Phil Daniel, TechLinkUSA

Joe Baumert, Director of F.A.R.E

Evangelia Pelonis, Keller and Heckman LLP

Sarah Levy, FoodMinds

Mason Weeda, OFW Law

Erin Taraborrelli, NSF International

Michelle Anstey, NSF International

Christina Bechtold, Prime Label Consultants

Jesse Zuehlke, PhD, Prime Label Consultants

Fred Mosher, Prime Label Consultants

Lisa Weller Ashton, Prime Label Consultants

Emily Hendricks, Prime Label Consultants

Celia Yau, Prime Label Consultants

* Preliminary list of speakers & moderators - typically we have over 40 professionals from government and industry presenting topics at the Food Label Conference.

Private Label Partnership Program (PLPP)

PLC’s Private Label Partnership Program was created to maximize opportunities for Brand Owners to connect face-to-face with Private Label Suppliers at the annual Food Label Conference, the leading event for labeling and compliance professionals. We are excited to welcome a number of Brand Owners at this year's event. Stay tuned....

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USDA Labeling Basics

Sunday June 2nd / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tracks: Nutrition, USDA 
Instructors: Emily Hendricks & Kirby Ham, Prime Label Consultants

USDA labeling can be very confusing with many different sources for rules, policies, and regulations. Stakes can be high with generic labels no longer having FSIS's stamp of approval. In addition, local inspectors are giving added scrutiny to labels, and the risk of Noncompliance Records is greater than ever. Learn the fundamentals of USDA labeling in this seminar which covers:

  • Details of required and optional label features
  • How to obtain the appropriate type of approval - sketch, generic, or temporary
  • Essential record keeping ​practices and completing the 7234​-1​ ​form ​to assure rapid approvals and successful ​label ​audits
  • Picking a product name - standardized, common or usual, descriptive, and fanciful​ - and ​required ​product name qualifiers
  • Intricacies of ingredient statement, net weight, handling statement, safe handling instructions, address line, and inspection legend
  • Introduction to nutrition labeling and the current regulatory status for USDA

...and much more!

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FDA Labeling Basics

Sunday June 2nd / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA
Instructor: Lisa Weller Ashton, Food Regulatory Consultant

FDA label requirements can be confusing, and trends change at a fast pace. In addition to stringent content and wording requirements, food labels must also comply with size, color, language, and location rules. Claims are also a moving target with many subtleties in wording and design. Learn the basics of FDA labeling rules and keep up with the latest developments. Our content covers:

  • Required label features and formatting
  • Product naming - standardized, descriptive, fanciful, and required flavor qualifiers
  • Intricacies of ingredient statement, net weight, address line, and allergen declaration
  • Introduction to nutrition labeling and the nutrition facts panel
  • Specific ingredient requirements, including flavors, colors, oils, and spices
  • Insight into a variety of special statements and claims
  • Requirements for font prominence, feature placement, and relative size rules

...and much more!

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Canadian Labeling

Sunday June 2nd / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing
Instructor: Erin Taraborrelli, Source Nutraceutical, Inc.

In this seminar, we will explore the complex and ever-changing world of Canadian food labelling regulations. Participants will gain an understanding of the regulations that govern the labelling of food products in Canada - the mandatory and voluntary label elements and how these differ from those in the US. Learn about recent changes such as the new Front-of-Pack requirements and Supplemented Foods Regulations, proposed changes and emerging trends in Canadian food labelling regulations. Understand the compliance and enforcement procedures used by Canadian Food Inspection Agency and identify strategies for ensuring compliance. This seminar covers:

  • The regulations that govern food labeling in Canada
  • Mandatory label features including compliant common names
  • Regulations on claims including nutrient content, organic, Non-GMO
  • Standardized and non-standardized products
  • Differences with US labeling
  • Upcoming changes to the labeling regulations
  • CFIA enforcement

...and much more!

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School Lunch (CN) Labeling

Sunday June 2nd / 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA
Instructor: Patricia Phillips, Phillips Resources 

This is the essential primer to understanding how products qualify (or credit) for school lunch program regulations. Learn the what, how and why of  CN Labeling and Product Formulation Statements in this full day seminar.  Optional confidential review of your QC Plan. Discuss the 2024 Final Rule updating CN standards to reflect the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines.

  • Deconstructing School Lunch complexity
  • Writing, revising & monitoring the required quality control program
  • Obtaining a CN number
  • Applying for & streamlining your CN label approvals
  • What is required on the CN label and 7234 form
  • Understanding the “transitional” regulations for sodium and whole grains and its impact on manufacturers.
  • Documentation requirements for purchased ingredients
  • Calculating the CN (meat, vegetable & bread) label credit
  • Updates on unpublished changes in policy

...and much more!

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Nutrition Labeling

Wednesday June 5th / 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tracks: Nutrition 
Instructors: Caitlin Diederich, Marissa Hagedorn & Lacey Durrance, Prime Label Consultants

This comprehensive course gives participants a thorough understanding of nutrition labeling for retail food products under federal regulation - the result: nutrition labeling that meets federal requirements, helps consumers, and maximizes your product positioning. This seminar covers:

  • Requirements for nutrition labeling
  • Proper declaration of mandatory and optional nutrients
  • Nutrient definitions and recordkeeping requirements
  • Methods of obtaining nutrient data
  • Determination of serving size and servings per container
  • Selecting the appropriate Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Nutrition Facts Panel formatting and optimization
  • Nutrient Content Claims

...and much more!

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USDA Generic Labeling

Wednesday June 5th / 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Tracks: USDA
Instructors: Kirby Ham & Emily Hendricks, Prime Label Consultants

USDA label approval procedures continue to evolve with a new rulemaking for generic label approvals. This seminar will review when you need to go to the USDA for approval and when you can do it yourself. It will also cover top hazards with label review and insider tips and tricks on how to manage the process to get to market faster. The three-hour session will investigate:

  • Eligibility for generic label approval
  • Record-keeping requirements and best practices
  • Insider's guide to label approval, claims and special statements
  • Future policy changes and predictions
  • USDA-LPDS required sketch label approval process and LSAS tips

...and much more!

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Labeling and Marketing Claims

Wednesday June 5th / 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing 
Instructor: Lisa Weller Ashton, Food Regulatory Consultant

Ensuring compliance and substantiation of new product claims is challenging. Learn best practices from Prime Label’s visibility into emerging market trends, including ingredient claims, clean labeling, animal production claims, certifications, functional foods, and more. Participants will leave with an understanding of a variety of FDA and USDA regulated claims, and how they might apply to their own products. Our seminar covers:

  • Enforcement and risk mitigation framework
  • Nutrient, health, structure/function, diet, and immunity claims
  • Natural, “clean label,” ingredient, and allergen claims
  • Bioengineered, organic, and non-GMO statements
  • Animal raising and grading claims, and third party certifications
  • Plant-based, vegan, and blended meat/vegetable products
  • Sustainability, transparency, geographic, and environmental claims
  • Considerations for novel products such as functional foods, CBD items, and innovative snacks

...and much more!

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Mexican Labeling

Wednesday June 5th / 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing 
Instructor: Phil Daniel, TechLink International

All Mexican labels were required to meet the latest food labeling requirements by 2021. Attend this comprehensive seminar for an in-depth review of NOM-051 labeling standards, including the upcoming phase 3 requirements. Leveraging 20 years of experience, TechLink will share tips and recommendations on how to better label your items.

  • The guidelines for calculating nutritional panels
  • How to determine which stop signs are applicable
  • Allergen statements and front of package requirements
  • Chocolate labeling, organic, and new Non-GMO requirements
  • The recycling labeling program, food supplements, and vitamin/mineral limits

...and much more!

* additional cost


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Cancellation Policy

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Cancel for Any Reason:
CANCEL FOR ANY REASON protection guarantees a cash refund of 75% of your main conference and training registration costs paid to Prime Label Consultants. CANCEL FOR ANY REASON protection is optional and available for purchase at the individual level. Conference registration cancellation must be made 24 hours or more prior to the start of the Conference.


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