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November 2019

Welcome to our November Label Alert! In this issue, FDA notifies industry that there is no intent to enforce NLR compliance during the first six months of 2020, along with other breaking news....

And to assist companies in reaching this goal, PLC is offering discounts off Nutrition Label Reform related services for the home stretch!

Enjoy this edition of Label Alert.

FDA Grants Six Month Enforcement Discretion for Nutrition Facts Label Compliance Due Date
On October 24, FDA added a statement to its "Industry Resources on the Changes to the Nutrition Facts Labelwebpage to declare that it does not intend to take enforcement actions on new nutrition labeling requirements for the first six months following the January 1, 2020 compliance date for businesses with more than $10 million in annual food sales.
Bill Labeling Plant-Based Meat as "Imitation" Proposed in Congress
Bipartisan legislation requiring any product made to simulate beef but that does not come entirely from a cow to be labeled "imitation" was proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives [on October 21]. The legislation would also require an on-package statement saying these products do not contain and are not derived from meat.
Kellogg Agrees to Stop Marketing Sugary Cereals as "Healthy"
Kellogg, one of the county's top cereal companies, has agreed to stop using misleading terms such as "healthy," "nutritious," and "wholesome" to promote products like Frosted Mini-Wheats.
Trump Set to Nominate Texas Cancer Doctor to Head FDA
President Trump is poised to nominate Stephen Hahn, a top official at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, to be the next commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.
Food Chains with Voluntary Labeling Offer Healthier Foods, Study Suggests
Mandatory labeling could encourage supermarkets and restaurants to offer healthier, more nutritional foods.... Encouraging restaurants to use [color coded] nutritional labeling could push them towards selling more healthy foods, researchers say. 
A Startup Just Announced the World's First Fake-Meat "Steaks" made from Fungi. Are We Ready?
A new class of fungi-based steaks, cultivated from a fast-growing micro-organism, may be a paradigm-shifting meat alternative.
SAVE 10% on Nutrition Label Reform Services

With the deadline fast approaching for Nutrition Label Reform, you may need help creating those last NFPs or reviewing final label artwork before incurring expensive printing costs.

Major retailers and numerous brands trust PLC to create their NFPs and review their labels for compliance. Our experienced Food Technologists ensure that the myriad of regulations and policies are met. 

Ask us to analyze your recipe or provide us with a lab analysis, and let PLC's nutrition experts do the rest. We can provide any FDA format, including bi-lingual & multi-panel labels in the new Nutrition Label Reform format. Request our Added Sugar or Isolated Fiber consultation for newly required documentation on these two nutrients.

Label Reviews:
Get a detailed risk analysis of every element of your label - from the new nutrition facts panel to claims and product identity. PLC's Food Technologist labeling experts will do an initial review of your artwork & supporting documentation, provide their assessment and recommendations,
and follow up with another full review once your artwork is final.

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HomeStretch by Jan 1, 2020.

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