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May 2019

Welcome to May's Label Alert! In this issue, FDA issues two draft guidances and grants a citizen's petition, FSIS announces a proposed rule for net weight statements, FDA considers a "Healthy" icon for food packaging, and more.... And continuing our efforts to help industry stay compliant, PLC is offering 10% off its USDA Generic Compliance Report. Enjoy Spring ... with Label Alert!

FDA Agency Actions . . . 
FDA has been busy lately publishing two draft guidances and approving a dietary fiber petition. In particular, FDA is providing clear information on ways to prepare, plan, and work with them to ensure voluntary recalls are initiated properly and promptly. Read on . . .

Proposed Rule: Rescission of Dual Labeling Requirements for Certain Packages of Meat and Poultry
FSIS is proposing to amend its labeling regulations to remove provisions that require packages of meat or poultry products that contain at least one pound or one pint, but less than four pounds or one gallon, to express the net weight or net contents in two different units of measurement on the product label.
Why the FDA is Considering a "Healthy" Icon for Food Packaging
For years, consumer advocates have complained that food packaging misleads American consumers by conflating nutrient content with health. The Food and Drug Administration has proposed yet another message to help clear up this confusion: an agency-approved icon signifying that an item is indeed "healthy."
Will GMO/BE Labeling Hurt Food and Beverage Sales?
Considering the acrimony at the start of this decade, the past two years have been a period of calm in the debate over the labeling of genetically modified - now the preferred term is bioengineered, or BE - foods. While mandatory national BE labeling won't be required until Jan. 1, 2022, a handful of food processors and brand marketers have been making that label declaration for years. And they're still in business.
Those Home-Delivered Meal Kits are Greener than You Thought, New Study Concludes
Meal kit services, which deliver a box of pre-portioned ingredients and a chef-selected recipe to your door, are hugely popular but get a bad environmental rap due to perceived packaging waste. But a new study from University of Michigan researchers found that meal kits have a much lower overall carbon footprint than the same meals purchased at a grocery store, despite having more packaging.
Edible Insects, CBD and Cell-Cultured Meat: Regulating the Future of Food
From bugs to drugs, the food industry's regulatory future on new ingredients is looking murky. 
Lawyers and former regulators spoke on a panel at the Prime Label Consultants' Food Label Conference on Monday about the growth of the latest innovations in food ingredients and technology, including edible insects, CBD and cell-cultured meat. 
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