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January 2019

Welcome to January's Label Alert! In this issue, USDA publishes the long awaited Bioengineered (GMO) labeling law, Trump signs the 2018 Farm Bill, and FDA and USDA issue important changes to Nutrition labeling and the School Lunch program. Plus, PLC has a special offer of $100 savings on Bioengineered Food Solutions to help industry stay compliant with the new rule. Sit back and read on to prepare for what is shaping up to be a busy New Year...

USDA Publishes GMO Labeling Law
USDA published the long-awaited final GMO labeling rule - formally known as the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law - on December 21. The USDA is giving industry three years to comply and will not mandate the labeling of highly refined ingredients from GM crops.
                        Federal Register Final Rule...

FDA published in the December 21, 2018 Federal Register a final rule that makes technical amendments to its 2016 rule on Nutrition and Supplement Facts labeling. 

Read Prime Label's overview of the impact of the partial government shutdown on food regulatory professionals and some suggestions on how to manage USDA label approvals during this time.
The new farm bill passed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday prevents maple syrup and honey producers from being required to list their pure products as containing added sugars on their nutrition labels - a plan proposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration months ago that producers said was misleading.
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Trump Officially Legalizes Industrial Hemp
President Trump legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp when he signed a widespread, bipartisan farm bill aimed at boosting the agriculture industry
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USDA Relaxes Some School Nutrition Standards
USDA intends to give schools more flexibility in nutrition programs when it comes to milk, whole grains and sodium to ensure those standards are not only healthful but practical. The new rule, which goes into effect February 11 ...

Federal Register Final Rule ...                   Read on ...
Save $100 on Bioengineered Label Solutions
Prime Label is at the forefront of developing solutions for the new Bioengineered Labeling rule.

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For the first time in the US, industry will need to disclose food's BE status (containing bioengineered ingredients) on packages.

Working Group Seminar: Join us for a full-day seminar on April 17th, covering the specifics of the new rule, the pros and cons of disclosure options and the development of a tactical roadmap for implementation across your supply chain by the compliance deadline.

Three BE Sessions at the Food Label Conference
The conference will host three different sessions on the USDA's new Bioengineering rule. Starting with a USDA general session speaker summarizing the final rule details, the conference will also feature a breakout on the legal ramifications of the rule, as well as a full day working group seminar on best practices.

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EZ Form Software:
Prime Label has added Bioengineered Ingredient tracking to its Label Compliance software package, and plans to add BE calculators in the near future.  This functionality will allow industry to easily track and comply with the new BE rules and record-keeping requirements.

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