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February 2018

Welcome to February's Label Alert. This issue includes a diverse mix of regulatory updates and coverage on trending food industry and labeling topics. Read below to see a feature story from clean labeling expert and confirmed Food Label Conference General Session Speaker, Dr. Kantha Shelke. This article from Prepared Foods magazine includes a quote from PLC's CEO, Christina Bechtold!

Clean Label Trends
"Clean label"-despite lacking a legal or commonly accepted definition-is a wake-up call to the food industry to re-examine ingredients, formulations, and processing for contemporary consumers who are increasingly mindful of their food and beverage choices.
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FDA Denies Qualified Health Claim Petition for Intake of Vitamin D to Reduce the Risk of Multiple Sclerosis in Healthy People
FDA denied a request for use of a qualified health claim that consumption of vitamin D may reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic autoimmune disorder that damages the body's central nervous system.

Analysis of FDA's Nutrition Policy Priorities for 2018
The FDA recently released a "2018 Strategic Policy Roadmap" outlining (among other things) its nutrition-related policy priorities for the coming year. In the Roadmap, FDA lists nutrition as one of its four top issues for this year.
FDA to "Modernize Certain Standards of Identity" as Part of Strategic Policy Roadmap
The FDA has signaled its intent to "modernize certain standards of identity" in its 2018 strategic roadmap, suggesting that it might, after all, weigh into the plant-based "milk" and "cheese" debate in 2018, although it has not clarified which standards it has in mind.
Powerful Food Lobby Group Loses Members Amid Industry Culture Clash
For at least the past decade, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has been the unrivaled voice of a vast industry, from neighborhood grocery stores to food manufacturing giants with supply chains that span the globe. Most recently, it's been a powerful force in fighting proposals to require information about added sugar or GMOs on food labels.
Panera is Calling for a Federal Crackdown on the Eggs in Its Competitors' Breakfast Sandwiches
Order a breakfast sandwich at virtually any fast-food restaurant, and the components are the same: some kind of bread, some kind of meat, and a pliable hockey puck of "egg." But if bakery chain Panera gets its way, restaurants won't be able to call those yellow patties "eggs" in the future. Last week, the company petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to update its 40-year-old definition of the word to exclude most of the processed egg products that have become popular with fast-food chains and food-service.
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