April 2023

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Welcome to April's Label Alert! In this month's headlines, FDA proposes allowing salt substitutes in standardized foods, USDA proposed rule clarifies "Made in USA" on meat labels, FDA issues draft guidance on dietary guidance statements, and more ...

And with the flurry of new guidances and proposed rules, you may consider joining us this June to hear from the regulators themselves at the Food Label Conference - this month, we're offering $100 off any  Add-On Training!

Now, get caught up on the latest industry news from Label Alert.

FDA Proposes Rule to Allow Salt Substitutes in Standardized Foods

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The FDA has proposed a rule that would allow the use of “safe and suitable salt substitutes” in standardized foods, providing manufacturers with greater flexibility for reducing sodium content.  

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FDA Constituent Update

Made in the USA? Proposed Rule Clarifies Grocery Meat Labels

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Federal agriculture officials released new requirements that would allow labels on meat, poultry or eggs to use that phrase -- or “Product of USA” -- only if they come from animals “born, raised, slaughtered and processed in the United States.”

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FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Dietary Guidance Statements on Food Labels

The FDA issued draft guidance recommending that foods with Dietary Guidance Statements contain a meaningful amount of the food or category of foods that is the subject of the statement and that they also not exceed certain amounts of saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.

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FSIS Making Temporary Allowances for Using Sodium Nitrite from Natural Sources

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Under the temporary allowance, a portion of synthetic sodium nitrite and sodium erythorbate used to cure a ham could be substituted with sodium nitrite from a plant-based source.

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FSIS Constituent Update

FDA Introduces Dietary Supplement Ingredient Directory

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On March 6, 2023, FDA announced the launch of its new Dietary Supplement Ingredient Directory, which the agency describes as “a one stop shop of ingredient information that was previously found on different FDA webpages.” 

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Man Sues Buffalo Wild Wings, Claiming its ‘Boneless Wings’ Are Actually Chicken Nuggets

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A new class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois alleges that chicken chain Buffalo Wild Wings is conducting "deceptive" business practices over claims its "boneless wings" are actually just ... chicken nuggets.

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