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May 2020

Welcome to May's Label Alert, your chance to catch up on the latest industry news. In this issue, FDA provides flexibility to the food industry during COVID-19, Trump's mandate to keep meat processing plants open leaves worker safety unclear, and more

You can also learn about the latest in labeling from the USDA and FDA at PLC's Food Label Conference. This month we're offering $300 off multiple Conference Add-On Trainings. Sit back and enjoy this month's Label Alert!

FDA Provides Flexibility to the Food Industry to Support Food Supply Chain and Meet Consumer Demand During COVID-19
FDA has issued temporary guidance that provides flexibility to various segments of the food industry-restaurants, food manufacturers, producers and retail establishments-to help support the food supply chain and meet consumer demand in this time of crisis.

Trump's Meat Processing Mandate Leaves Worker Safety Unclear
President Donald Trump's executive order stipulating the nation's slaughter houses continue running as critical infrastructure leaves unclear how quickly his mandate will take hold at facilities already shut down due to deadly outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers.
Virginia Governor Signs Bill to Regulate CBD in Food
Virginia governor Ralph Northam signed a bill defining hemp extract, including CBD, as food. It gives state officials power to regulate the industry.
Another Sugar-Coated Food-Labeling Class Action Brushed Away
The lawsuit charges that the phrase "1 g sugar" on the front of ONE Brands bars is false, misleading consumers into thinking the bars have fewer calories and carbohydrates than they do.
The Top 10 Functional Food Trends
Moving from "better for you" to "what's best for me," consumers are personalizing their approaches to healthy eating and reprioritizing their diet and nutrition goals.

Juice Labels "Blur the Distinction" between Drinks Recommended for Children and Those with Added Sugar
After discovering juice, juice drinks and flavored water labels and claims are "virtually indistinguishable" from one another, researchers recommend FDA revise labeling regulations for children's beverages to help consumers make healthier choices.
Meat and Poultry Plants Declared Essential: What's Next?
With the outbreak of COVID-19, President Trump issued an executive order declaring beef, pork, and poultry processors critical infrastructure, thereby requiring such facilities to remain open throughout the COVID-19 national emergency. Join Morgan Lewis firm experts for a discussion on the implications of this order.
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