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January 2020

Happy New Year! In this issue, FDA issues final guidance on nutrition labeling, USDA issues multiple labeling guidelines as well as a request for comments on BE labeling, and a federal judge halts an Arkansas law on plant-based food labeling, along with other food labeling news ....

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Enjoy this edition of Label Alert.

FDA Provides Additional Information about Requirements for Dual Column Labeling, Serving Sizes on Nutrition Facts Label
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is issuing a final guidance to help manufacturers of packaged food comply with FDA's updated Nutrition Facts labeling regulations. The final guidance addresses serving sizes of foods, including single-serving foods and other foods that can reasonably be consumed at one eating occasion and require dual column labeling.

Click here for FDA Guidance
FSIS Issues Updated Labeling Guidelines on Animal Raising Claims and Negative Claims

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued multiple updated labeling guidelines in last week's Constituent Update. FSIS updated its guideline on documentation needed to support animal raising claims made on meat and poultry product labels. The agency also updated its guideline on how establishments can make label claims that an ingredient is not used in the production of meat, poultry, or egg products. The Constituent Update also included export requirements updates and policy updates. 


Click here for: Constituent Update

USDA Solicits Comments on Instructions for Validation of Refining Processes for Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard
The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service announced that it is soliciting comments on its draft instructions for validation of refining processes under the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard rule.

Submit comments by January 16 here
Federal Judge Halts Arkansas Law on Plant-Based Food Labeling
Enforcement of an Arkansas state agricultural law alternately described as "truth in labeling" and "censorship law" was banned by a judge in Little Rock.
New Food Labeling System May Reduce Calorie Intake
How far would you need to run to burn off the calories in a candy bar? A recent paper asks whether providing answers to this type of question on food packaging might reduce calorie intake.
Stuck in Food Court: Settlements in Food Labeling Class Actions Likely to Fuel More Lawsuits
As this year draws to a close, we look back on the food labeling class actions that have dominated the legal landscape in California and look ahead to the class actions that may loom large in the new year.
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