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December 2019

Welcome to our December Label Alert! In this issue, the FDA is warning companies about using CBD in their products and Consumer Reports has started grading food labels, along with other food labeling news ....

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Enjoy this edition of Label Alert.

FDA Warns Companies Illegally Selling Products with CBD
The DA warned 15 companies for illegally selling various products illegally containing cannabidiol as the agency details safety concerns. Violations include marketing unapproved human and animal drugs, selling CBD products as dietary supplements, and adding CBD to human and animal foods.
Do Consumers Have Certification Fatigue?
A recent study suggests that certifications help natural products brands build consumer trust in an increasingly "clean-minded" society. However, with more and more symbols filling product labels, questions abound: Might consumers be experiencing certification fatique?
Consumer Reports: Grading Food Labels
During a trip to the grocery store, you'll find all kinds of claims and seals on food packaging. But the labels don't always mean what you think, according to Charlotte Vallaeys with Consumer Reports.
Ex-FDA Chief Revisits Efforts to Modernize Food Labeling
At PLMA's 2019 Private Label Trade Show, former Food & Drug Administrator Scott Gottlieb shed light on efforts to improve food labeling during his tenure at the agency.
Ben & Jerry's Sued Again Over "Happy Cows" Labeling Claim
A Vermont man has filed a complaint against Ben & Jerry's stating that the company doesn't solely use milk and cream from "happy cows."
Latest in Health: Traffic Light Colors to Guide Nutrition
Traffic light food labeling, a practice used in Army cafeterias and in food labeling in Britain, is making headlines in the U.S. as studies show its effectiveness in helping people eat a healthier diet.
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