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August 2019

Welcome to July's Label Alert! In this issue, a recent survey finds consumers find nutrition labels confusing, color-coded food labeling reduces calorie intake, Kind Bar takes on food labeling, and more.... Plus, continuing our efforts to keep you updated on new and changing regulations, PLC is excited to invite you to two days of Food Label Seminars this October in Chicago. We hope you enjoy this edition of Label Alert!
Do You Find Nutrition Labels Confusing? You're Not Alone, a Recent Survey Says
A new survey reveals that many Americans actually may be facing a significant hurdle to achieving their health goals on their own: A majority of those polled said they found nutrition labels confusing.
Study Finds Nutritional 'Traffic Light' Color-Coded Food Labeling in Hospital Cafeteria Reduces Overall Calories Purchased by Employees
A new study by Massachusetts General Hospital investigators ... showed that labeling food choices in a hospital cafeteria with simple "traffic-light" symbols indicating their relative health value was associated with a reduction in calories purchased by employees.
Food Labeling Is Broken. Kind Bar Is On a Not-So-Nutty Quest to Fix It
Kind Bar is pushing the FDA to strengthen its food-labeling requirements. Some of its competitors aren't thrilled.

The Burger Battle: The Lawsuits Challenging Restrictions on Plant-Based Meat Labels
For the last few years a cold war has been brewing in the world of food-labeling. Sensing the oncoming market disruption from alternative and plant-based meat substitutes, traditional meat-producing industries have been lobbying to pass laws regulating what can, or cannot, be called meat.
People Are Willing to Pay a Hefty Premium for 'Locally Sourced' Food, but Sometimes It's Made Thousands of Miles Away
Labels can lie.
That's the hard truth behind some food products sold in grocery stores and at farmer's markets said to be locally sourced. In reality, they could be from much farther away than you think. 
To BE or not to BE a GMO
While the USDA's BE labeling requirements are rational and preferable to a patchwork of state labeling requirements, the definition of Biologically Engineered under the USDA's new "BE" labeling requirements are not consistent with a lay persons understanding of GMOs.
PLC's Food Label Seminars in Chicago
Food Label Seminars
October 10-11, 2019
Chicago, IL

Register for both days and save $150!*

Prime Label is proud to partner with Morgan Lewis to provide a mid-year update to its annual Food Label Conference (FLC).

Structured as three seminars, conveniently located near Chicago's O'Hare airport, they will mirror the FLC's popular blend of trending topics and practical insights. 

These are two days you cannot afford to miss!

October 10
Morgan Lewis Perspective
High-level information and strategy session on trending food labeling issues and lawsuits for Regulatory, Legal and Management professionals.

October 11 - either:
New Bioengineered (GMO) Disclosure
Working session for transitioning to this new rule and best practices across the supply chain.

Nutrition Label Reform for USDA Foods
Intensive seminar on technical requirements, tactical roadmap, and best practices.

*Select both days and get $150 off! (limit 1 discount per registrant)

Prime Label Consultants, 536 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
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