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March 2019

Welcome to March's Label Alert, your chance to catch up on the latest industry news. In this issue, CSPI calls on FDA to ensure truthful labels, Pilgrim's Pride is sued over "natural" chicken labels, and more. You can also learn about the latest in labeling from the USDA and FDA at PLC's Food Label Conference. This month we're offering $100 off Conference Add-On Training. Sit back and enjoy this month's Label Alert!

FDA Needs to Make Sure 'Food Labels are Truthful, Not Misleading,' Says CSPI Head
Food labeling has increasingly become a complicated and heated debate in recent years. CSPI is the latest to weigh in and argue the FDA should do more to let consumers know important details about their foods and beverages.
Pilgrim's Pride Sued Over 'Natural' Chicken Labels
American consumers willingly pay more for foods labeled as "natural," "organic" or "humane." Food companies took notice long ago, adding such pledges to all manner of products. But it can be challenging for shoppers to figure out whether those promises are real or empty branding.
When It Comes to Labeling Food 'Meat,'
 Where Do We Draw The Line?
Things used to be so simple. Meat used to cover products that came from slaughtered animals, and everything else was, uh, not meat. But now the lines are blurred - and the meat industry is pissed about it.
Misunderstanding Food Date Labels Linked with Higher Food Discards
A new survey examining U.S. consumer attitudes and behaviors related to food date labels found widespread confusion, leading to unnecessary discards, increased waste and food safety risks.
EU Court Rules Against Labeling Kosher and Halal Meat Organic
Halal and kosher meat cannot be marketed as organic because the methods used to produce it are not animal friendly enough, the European Union's top court ruled.
Chobani and Danone North America Clash Over Plant-based 'Milk' and 'Yogurt' Labels; CSPI Proposes Front of Pack Disclosures
Dairy giants Chobani and Danone North America both have a presence in the burgeoning plant-based dairy category, but have different ideas over how such products should be labeled.
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