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August 2018

Welcome to the August Label Alert! In this issue's headlines, FDA proposes a rule on food labeling in vending machines, USDA is sued over genetically engineered food disclosure, a new standard for what can be called "milk," and more.... And continuing our efforts to help industry stay compliant with the latest labeling regulations, PLC is offering $75 off its Nutrition and USDA labeling manuals. Now, ease into your workday with this edition of Label Alert!

FDA Proposes New Rule on Food Labeling in Vending Machines
A new rule proposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration suggests that the type size on packaged foods sold in vending machines be at least 1.5 times the size of the net weight declaration on the front of the package.

USDA Sued Over Genetically Engineered Food Disclosure
Two advocacy groups have sued USDA for failing to issue final regulations requiring disclosures for genetically engineered (GE) food by the deadline set in a federal statute.
Non-Dairy Beverages Like Soy and Almond Milk May Not be "Milk," FDA Suggests
Got milk? If you're buying "milk" made with non-dairy products like almonds or oats, the US Food and Drug Administration isn't so sure you do.
Lab-Grown Meat is Coming Down the Pipeline - Who Do You Want Inspecting It?
Recently, a technological advance not yet commercially available called "lab grown" or "cell cultured" meat has generated buzz. Though not yet commercially available, its creators claim that it's coming soon. If it claims to be meat, it SHOULD fall under USDA jurisdiction.
California Court Rules Cereals Not Required to Bear Proposition 65 Warnings
On Monday, July 16, a California appeals court reversed a decision that would have required food manufacturers to label cereal products with cancer warnings, as per Proposition 65.
GMO Food Labeling Not a Turn-Off in Vermont, Study Finds
Genetically modified foods have gained greater acceptance in Vermont in the aftermath of the 2014 labeling law, according to a study by a University of Vermont researcher.
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