May 2016


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Welcome to May's Label Alert. This month, read about the FDA's forwarding its NFP Final Rules to OMB, FDA's new menu labeling guidance, 2016 food-related priorities, new nutrition labels that factor in calorie-burning, and more! Plus, in this issue we're offering terrific savings on 4-day Food Label Conference registration!


FDA Completes Revisions on NFP Final Rules - Forwards to OMB


On May 2, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) at OMB listed as under review, the two FDA Final Rules that represent the largest changes to food labeling in 25 years. This means that the FDA has completed their revisions for the update of the iconic Nutrition Facts Panel.

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Final Menu Labeling Guidance Falls Short of Retailers' Hopes, Clarifies Gray Areas


In final guidance released April 29, FDA once again pushes back the compliance date for the long-delayed menu labeling final rule and clarifies when grab-and-go, deli-counter and bulk-bin items sold at grocery stores and other establishments must include calorie and nutrition information.

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FDA's 2016 Food Agenda Prioritizes FSMA, Product Labeling, GRAS, GMOs


FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition is plowing ahead with an ambitious and wide-ranging agenda for the remainder of 2016 without pause after knocking out five final or proposed rules related to food safety and nutrition in just as many weeks.

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New Food Labels Show How Much You Need to Exercise to Burn Off Calories


If you knew you'd have to work out for an hour after eating 2 slices of pizza, would you still chow down? British researchers think you wouldn't. Since calorie counts on food packaging haven't stopped us from getting fatter, they're proposing exercise labels on food packages like chocolate, soda and chips.

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Why This Genetically Modified Mushroom Gets to Skip USDA Oversight


For the first time, a food product created using CRISPR - a promising but controversial gene-editing technique - could be on track to be sold and eaten. And it might be the first of many.... the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed that it will not regulate the cultivation and sale of a white-button mushroom created using CRISPR.                                                          

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