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Welcome to the sixth issue of LABEL ALERT EXTRA - Scope Resources & Costs, a practical implementation guide to navigating Nutrition Label Reform

After creating thousands of nutrition panels last year, Prime Label has distilled its expertise on best practices. To get started, dive into this month's installment, organized in the following sections:  |  How-To Spotlight |  Essential Checklist   

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Step 6: Scope Resources & Costsspotlight
How-To Spotlight
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The sixth step in managing an 
effective transition is to scope the workload, resources needed and costs - first by understanding what your task areas are, who is going to perform the work, then by estimating time to completion and budgeting resources & costs.

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Essential Checklist
Here are the top ten factors to consider when scoping your resources and costs:
Scope the Workload & Identify Resources Needed for: 
  • Getting missing data or updating out of date nutrient information from suppliers or labs (ingredient audit & supplier coordination)
  • Converting the data for the NFP & evaluating dual column requirements (Regulatory Nutritionist)
  • Modifying your records & IT databases (Database Administrator)
  • Adjusting label graphics (Graphics Designer / Prepress)
  • Reviewing label artwork (Regulatory & Marketing)
  • Assessing product identity impact and escalating appropriate products for re-sizing, re-packaging or reformulation (Marketing)
  • Printing & packaging (Purchasing, Printers)
Develop a Budget:
  • Identify costs for re-labeling, re-sizing, re-packaging & reformulating
  • Multiply units costs by number of products in each category
  • Add IT & ingredient inventory infrastructure costs & allocate all costs across the two years left (FY 2018 and 2019).
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Leverage Best Practices
Watch Video - Consumer Reaction to Label Reform
Engage the experts who successfully guided clients through the recent on-pack US and EU regulation changes. Read our Observations from the Shelf: Early Rollout of the New Nutrition Facts Panel, watch our video: Consumer Reaction to Label Reform, and visit the sgsco Nutrition 2016 Showcase Page on LinkedIn to learn more, comment and share.  Read more at sgsco ...
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