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Welcome to the fourth issue of LABEL ALERT EXTRA - Plan Packaging Changes, a practical implementation guide to navigating Nutrition 2016. After a summer digesting the new Nutrition final rule, we are back in force with the rest of our series to help you transition to the new Nutrition Facts panel.

If you haven't yet started, now is a critical time, as you have only about a year and a half to make all your labels comply and be on store shelves by the July 26, 2018 deadline.

To get started, dive into this month's installment, organized in the following sections: 
Feel free to forward this newsletter to your team members who will be instrumental to your success as you navigate this journey together. Download our complimentary Style Guide. Be sure to read Step 1Step 2 and Step 3 if you haven't already, and stay tuned for our 5th installment next month: Audit Process, Data & Suppliers.
Step 4: Plan Packaging Changesspotlight
How-To Spotlight
The fourth step in managing an effective transition is to plan your packaging changes - first by understanding which panel to choose, then by mapping your product set against four categories of changes.

Click the video link above to view a brief overview of these topics.
Essential Checklist
Here are the top ten factors to consider when planning your packaging changes:
Select the Required Panel:
  • Calculate total available labeling space
  • Identify available vertical space
  • Double check that mandatory dual columns do not apply
Inventory & Map Packaging Changes: 
  • Identify products with data-only edits 
  • Inventory panel size and front-of-pack adjustments
  • Flag claims changes and major impacts to brand identities
Categorize Products & Prioritize Phased Timeline:
  • Re-label panels with the same or smaller footprint
  • Re-format labels with larger panel sizes and/or changed claims
  • Re-package or Reformulate products with compromised brand identities
  • Line up your packaging resource team
PLC and sgsco are ready to support you with regulatory, design & pre-press services that help you plan packaging changes across your enterprise.  Come to our Nutrition 2016 training November 2nd & 3rd where we have four full seminars covering regulatory, marketing, R&D and management sessions.  Or visit us at PLMA Nov 13-15 in Chicago to learn about private label manufacturer and retail solutions for Nutrition 2016.
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Leverage Best Practices
Engage the experts who successfully guided clients through the recent on-pack EU Food Information Regulation changes. Visit the sgsco Nutrition 2016 Showcase Page on LinkedIn to learn more, comment and share.  Read more at sgsco ...
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