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Welcome to the third issue of LABEL ALERT EXTRA - Update Brand Strategy, a practical implementation guide to navigating Nutrition 2016

If you haven't yet started, now is a critical time to start planning strategy. While the final rule is not yet out, we have our ear to the ground in Washington DC and anticipate its release before the Food Label Conference next month. Because the final rule will primarily be a subset of the proposed rule, any strategy you plan now will not go to waste.

To get started, dive into this month's installment, organized in the following sections: 
Feel free to forward this newsletter to your team members who will be instrumental to your success as you navigate this journey together. Be sure to read Step 1: Understand the Impact and Step 2: Team, Timeline & Training if you haven't already, and stay tuned for our 4th installment next month: Plan Packaging Changes.
Step 3: Update Brand Strategyspotlight
How-To Spotlight
The third step in managing an effective transition is to update your brand strategy - first by reviewing how your products meet your customers' needs and stack up against your competition, then by adjusting your label content, graphics & formulations to maximize your response to Nutrition 2016 nuances ....

Click the video link above to view a brief overview of these topics.
Essential Checklist
Here are the top ten factors to consider when updating your brand strategy for Nutrition 2016:
Revisit the 3 C's:
  • Customers' profile & label reading practices
  • Competitors' nutrition positioning
  • Company's top grossing & any "healthy" product lines
Review the Brand Impact: 
  • Claims, calories & per container labeling changes
  • New serving size, nutrient and Daily Value changes
Revise Brand Strategy:
  • Product messaging & nutrition story
    • Claims & calorie targets
    • Nutrients, DV & servings assessments
  • Formulations: alternative ingredients, clean labeling & sizing
  • Graphic Design: back-to-basics trend
PLC has got your back with planning services that help you update brand strategy at every level - JumpStart for the Enterprise, Migration Maps for categories and Product Identity Impact Reports for individual flagship products. In addition our conference features numerous educational sessions to help clients efficiently navigate Nutrition 2016.  Get started now ...
Leverage Best Practices
Engage the experts who successfully guided clients through the recent on-pack EU Food Information Regulation changes. Visit the SGS Nutrition 2016 Showcase Page on LinkedIn to learn more, comment and share.  Read more at SGS ...
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