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Nutrition 2016_ The Most Significant Label Change in Decades


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Welcome to the second issue of LABEL ALERT EXTRA, a practical implementation guide to navigating Nutrition 2016. This month we will feature our Team, Timeline & Training installment, which includes the following sections: 

Feel free to forward this newsletter to your team members who will be instrumental to your success as you navigate this journey together. Be sure to read Step 1: Understand the Impact if you haven't already, and stay tuned for our 3rd installment next month: Update Brand Strategy.





Step 2: Team, Timeline & Trainingspotlight



How-To Spotlight


The second step in managing an effective transition is to train stakeholders in your organization, assemble a SWAT team, and understand the impact of the FDA's timeline so that you can take advantage of its nuances instead of it taking advantage of you....


Click the video link above to view a brief overview of these topics.




Essential Checklist


Here are the top ten factors to consider when constructing a team and training your enterprise to navigate Nutrition 2016:



  • Assemble a SWAT team with deep skills & collaborative instincts
  • Involve regulatory, marketing, R&D, purchasing & IT
  • Educate, plan, execute


  • Refresh strategic products before the effective date
  • Transition ingredients, low label inventory & competitive products first
  • Strategize private label & reformulation considerations
  • Scope data, skills & printing capacity constraints


  • Train wide - across functions & the enterprise
  • Train high - to get management buy-in
  • Train smart - leverage existing resources, services & case studies

PLC has developed product identity impact reports, educational seminars and Jump Start planning services to help clients efficiently plan & navigate Nutrition 2016.  Get started now ...



Leverage Best Practices


Engage the experts who successfully guided clients through the recent on-pack EU Food Information Regulation changes. Visit the SGS Nutrition 2016 Showcase Page on LinkedIn to learn more, comment and share.  Read more at SGS ...



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