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Nutrition 2016_ The Most Significant Label Change in Decades


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Welcome to the first issue of LABEL ALERT EXTRA, a practical implementation guide to navigating Nutrition 2016. This Nutrition panel update, slated to become final in March 2016, will revolutionize 25 years of packaging strategy. With brand image, label design, label format and record keeping requirements to consider, you must decide whether to simply re-label products or to re-package, reformulate or remove them from shelves. 


LABEL ALERT EXTRA is a joint effort between Prime Label and SGS. Each issue will feature one of our 7 Steps to a Successful Transition, and will include the following sections: 

It is our hope that this guide will be an indispensable resource to help you convert your labels on time and on budget. Feel free to forward this newsletter to your team members as we begin this journey together. 



7 Steps to a Successful Transition - Step 1_ Understand the Impact



Step 1: Understand the Impactspotlight



How-To Spotlight


Step 1: Understand the Impact

The first step in managing an effective transition is to understand the impact of the FDA's nutrition rules on your products, packaging and brand identity.


Click the video link on the right to view a brief overview of these far reaching new rules.



Graphic of Major Changes to Nutrition Facts



Essential Checklist


To fully understand the impact on your brands and packaging, here are the top ten factors to consider when planning for Nutrition 2016. Before you decide whether to re-label, re-package, reformulate or remove your products, be sure to consider the complete ramifications of each of these factors:



  • New look and feel with more bolded fonts.
  • Bigger footprint, typically increasing 5% to 100%.
  • Extra emphasis on Calories, % Daily Values, Sugars. 

Brand & Nutrition

  • Changes to nutrient claims from different serving sizes.
  • Focus on nutrients' DV percentages rather than grams.
  • Mandatory values for Added Sugar, Potassium & Vit D.
  • New definition of "Dietary Fiber" omits certain fibers.

Supply Chain:

  • Enterprise-wide, cross-functional coordination is vital.
  • New nutrient data tracking across your supply chain.
  • Ready to transition by the Effective Date Timeline.

PLC has developed product identity impact reports, educational seminars and Jump Start planning services to help clients fully understand the broad impact of the proposed labeling changes on their own products and companies.  Get started now ...



Leverage Best Practices


Engage the experts that successfully guided clients through the recent on-pack EU Food Information Regulation changes. Visit the SGS Nutrition 2016 Showcase Page on LinkedIn to learn more, comment and share.  Read more at SGS ...



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Prime Label and SGS have formed a dedicated team to help clients through this transition. Contact PLC or SGS today or take a look at some existing resources: 



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