May 2022

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Welcome to May's Label Alert! In this month's headlines, FDA issues draft guidance on non-major food allergens, the world's first genetically engineered wheat arrives, a federal court rules on "Product of the U.S.A." beef labeling case, and more ...

This month, we're pleased to offer Label Alert subscribers $150 off our upcoming Canadian Labeling webinar, June 14th and 16th. Learn the regulations that govern food labeling in Canada, and the differences between US and CFIA labeling enforcement.

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Draft Guidance for FDA Staff and Stakeholders: Evaluating the Public Health Importance of Food Allergens Other Than the Major Food Allergens Listed in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act


This guidance addresses substances that are currently consumed in food or have previously been consumed in food, within or outside the United States, such that there is a body of information about adverse reactions experienced by consumers who ingest the substance.  

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The World’s First Genetically Engineered Wheat Is Here

Breakthrough Institute

In October 2020, Argentina approved the world’s first genetically engineered wheat for cultivation and consumption. Production expanded dramatically in 2021, and will continue to expand in 2022, after Argentina received regulatory approval in late 2021 for exports to Brazil, a major consumer of Argentina’s wheat.

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Till the Cows Come Home: Tenth Circuit’s Affirmation of Federal Preemption Is a Win for Defendants in Food Labeling Cases


The Tenth Circuit recently held that the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) gets the final word on what “Product of the U.S.A.” means for labels of beef products.

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A Federal Judge Dismisses a Lawsuit that Claimed Pop-Tarts Aren't Strawberry Enough

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A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit alleging Kellogg's mispresented the amount of fruit in its strawberry Pop-Tarts, saying that the plaintiff failed to provide enough evidence to prove that the Pop-Tarts box is misleading. 

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The FDA's Food Failure

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A monthslong POLITICO investigation based on over 50 interviews found that the food side of FDA has been incredibly ignored and grown dysfunctional.

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FDA Probes Lucky Charms’ Possible Link to Illnesses

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Food and Drug Administration officials said they are examining reports from more than 100 consumers who told the agency that they got sick after eating Lucky Charms cereal recently.


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