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April 2016
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Welcome to April's Label Alert, your chance to catch up on the latest industry news.  Read on to get an update on the current state of GMOs. And did you know that the FCC has come out with Nutrition Facts for the Internet? You can also learn about the latest in labeling at PLC's Food Label Conference.  This month we are offering $100 off FDA, Canada, or School Lunch add-on seminars. Sit back and enjoy Spring ... with Label Alert!

Back to Square One on Federal GMO Labeling, as Pat Roberts' Bill is Defeated in the Senate
Sen. Pat Roberts' GMO labeling bill (S. 2609) has been defeated in the Senate (48:49), as lawmakers proved unable to hammer out a compromise that all stakeholders could get behind in the race to create a federal GMO labeling standard before new laws take effect in Vermont in July.
Kellogg's, Mars to Start Labeling GMOs Amid Senate Deadlock
The Kellogg Co. has joined Mars Inc. and General Mills Inc. in announcing plans to start complying with Vermont's first-in-the-nation GMO labeling requirements that take effect in July. 
Menu Labeling Compliance Date Delayed, Again
Restaurants and other retail food establishments covered by ... FDA menu labeling regulations now have more time to comply with the regulations, according to a statement issued March 9, 2016.... The compliance date will now be one year after FDA issues final guidance on the menu labeling requirements.
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The Great FLOTUS Food Fight
For the first time, the inside story of how Michelle Obama changed American nutrition.
Grocery Stores Taking More Active Roles in Health Promotion
Grocery stores, supermarkets and other large food retailers do not simply "store" food. They, in fact, can play major roles in what you choose to eat and drink. While this may not be new news to food marketers, health advocates have been increasingly recognizing this role and developing policies and interventions that target food retailers.
The FCC Just Released Nutrition Facts For the Internet

In 1990, to help people make better choices about the foods they eat, the Food and Drug Administration required all foods to be labeled with nutrition facts. In 2016, to help people make better choices about their Internet service, the Federal Communications Commission is labeling data plans with broadband facts.... The new labels resemble the rectangular charts posted on packaged foods.

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