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October 2015



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Welcome to October's Label Alert. In support of USDA's new Q&A on Generic labeling headlined below, Prime Label is offering 10% off
EZ Form Expert Labeling Software - the only tool that helps you navigate Generic label eligibility. Did you know that generic label approvals require just as much documentation and support as stamped FSIS approvals? We hope you download a FREE trial of EZ Form & enjoy this edition of Label Alert!


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The FDA's New Food Labels Could Make You Fatter. Here's Why.


The FDA Nutrition Facts label, which tells consumers what's in their packaged foods, is scheduled for a long-overdue update. However, research ... published in the journal Appetite suggests the intentions of the proposed label could backfire.

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Why Food Regulatory Compliance Seems So Complicated and What Can Be Done to Simplify It


For the last decade or more, it seems as though every week there is a new regulation, directive, law or standard for food safety and labeling compliance. For each new notification from the regulatory agencies it seems as though there are hundreds of pages of information to review.

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Clean Slate on Clean Labels


Purer food formulation is becoming a standard, and therefore, extends to clean labels. But developing clean label products isn't as easy as it sounds.

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Food Giants Call Truce with Michelle Obama


As the Republican battle against Michelle Obama's school lunch standards resumes in Congress later this month, some food giants are quietly backing away from their fight with the first lady.

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How Even Subtle Changes In Food And Nutrition Labels Exert Power Over Consumer Choices


The wars over food labeling are intense and getting more so. Should there be labels identifying genetically-modified ingredients? Given the mounting evidence that health risks of sugar are worse than generally thought even five years ago, the FDA wants labels to include more details and a warning about consumption.


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Minimize the risk of non-compliant labels & try out EZ Form free today. This revolutionary software is like having a food technologist, label consultant, and regulatory expert immediately on-call, no further away than your desktop. Take advantage of 10% off if you purchase by October 30.


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