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September 2015



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Welcome to September's Label Alert. This month we're extending the special introductory offer on our new
Proposed NFP Impact Analysis


The impending changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel, expected in 2016, are set to upend the last 25 years of packaging strategy. Have you evaluated their impact on your most lucrative and iconic brands? If not, Prime Label has a service for you! See the Special Offer on our new Proposed NFP Impact Analysis and call us today for exclusive introductory pricing!




The FDA is Making a Big Change to Nutrition Labels. And it's Probably a Big Mistake.


The good news is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to make the Nutrition Facts label (pdf) on many packaged foods significantly more honest. The bad news is that this well-intentioned fix could seriously backfire.

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USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to Give Keynote Remarks on Child Nutrition


On Sept. 1, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will give keynote remarks at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC. This event is part of a significant effort by Secretary Vilsack highlighting the success of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act and its role in fighting childhood obesity and hunger.           

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Some Brands Are Labeling Products "GMO-free" Even if They Don't Have Genes


After decades of love affairs with processed food, many Americans are becoming more and more concerned with what goes into their meals. But despite there being little to no scientific evidence indicating that genetically modified organisms are bad for your health, the number of companies paying to have their food certified as GMO-free is skyrocketing, whether they need it or not ....

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Judge Stays Gen Mills Trans Fat Lawsuit, but FDA has Left Firms Exposed to Civil Litigation, Argue Attorneys


In a ruling that will be read with interest by food manufacturers worried about being sued for using partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), a judge in California has stayed a PHO-related class action vs General Mills until the FDA decides whether certain low-level uses should be permitted.

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Improved Nutrition Labels [in Canada] Could Still be 5 Years Away


Health Canada released its latest proposed changes to nutritional labels on food packages ... to help shoppers make sense of the not-so-intuitive information boxes. After the public consultation period, the agency has "no formal deadline" to publish final nutrition label guidelines, and it has proposed that businesses can take up to five years to implement the changes.

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Intro Offer: Proposed NFP Impact Analysis 


Do you know how the 2016 proposed nutrition rules will affect your top brands?



Changes include a substantially larger NFP box, different nutrient values, changing claims eligibility, new serving sizes, and the most discussed revision: Added Sugar. 

Depending on your label, these changes may have minimal impact, or completely alter your product's identity.

PLC's new Proposed NFP Impact Analysis gives you all the information you need

to assess if your product maintains its current market impact, or needs to be reformulated.


Simply submit your product label, package dimensions, additional nutrients or formula, and we will provide:


1. Old vs. New NFP

2. Serving size changes

3. Recalculated values

4. New NFP format

5. NFP graphics guide

6. Current NFP check

7. New claims eligibility

8. Compliant claims   language & disclosures

9. Claim formatting guide

10. Recommendations


To assess the impact on your top products, call or email PLC for special introductory pricing, this month only. 

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