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August 2015



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There are big developments in labeling this month! Read about Congress' latest GMO labeling initiative, FDA's changes to Added Sugars, Country of Origin legislation in the Senate, and the latest trends in Organic and Local claims.


The biggest news of course, is the impending changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel, expected in 2016. These new regulations are set to upend the last 25 years of packaging strategy.  Have you evaluated their impact on your most lucrative and iconic brands? If not, Prime Label has a service for you! See the Special Offer on our new Proposed NFP Impact Analysis and call us today for exclusive introductory pricing!




House Votes To Ban States From Labeling GMO Foods


Do you want to know whether your food has genetically modified organisms in it? The House of Representatives voted to make that harder ... by banning states from passing their own laws requiring GMO labels.

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FDA Says Consumers Should Have More Details About 'Added Sugars' in Foods


The Food and Drug Administration ... moved forward with a controversial proposal requiring food nutrition labels to include the amounts of "added sugars," meaning sugar not already in the food before it was produced and packaged.

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Senator Introduces Legislation Addressing Country-of-Origin Labeling


U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and John Hoeven (R-ND) introduced new bipartisan legislation to address country-of-origin labeling following the World Trade Organization ruling in May 2015.

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Hartman: 'Local' Could Topple 'Organic' & 'Natural' on Labels


Foods and beverages carrying a 'local' label appear poised to become the leading symbol of trust and transparency to consumers as the authenticity halo of such terms as 'organic' and 'natural' lose momentum, claims market analyst The Hartman Group.

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The Growing Fight Over Food Labelling


Food labeling suddenly has become the summer rage in Congress.... [T]he House passed a bill that would stop states from labeling foods with genetically modified organisms and would establish a voluntary "non-GMO" label at the federal level .... [S]enators introduced one bill that would repeal country-of-origin labeling for beef, pork, and chicken, and another that would repeal most mandatory meat labeling and establish a federal voluntary label for the same products.

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In the email sent July 24, "Breaking News: FDA Doubles Down on Added Sugars in Updated Proposed Rule," we incorrectly stated that the Canadian daily recommended value for Total Sugar was 10% of calories, it is actually 100grams or 20% of daily calories. Our apologies.



Do you know how the 2016 proposed nutrition rules will affect your top brands?

Changes include a substantially larger NFP box, different nutrient values, changing claims eligibility, new serving sizes, and the most discussed revision: Added Sugar. 

Depending on your label, these changes may have minimal impact, or completely alter your product's identity.

PLC's new Proposed NFP Impact Analysis gives you all the information you need

to assess if your product maintains its current market impact, or needs to be reformulated.

Simply submit your product label, package dimensions, additional nutrients or formula, and we will provide:


1. Old vs. New NFP

2. Serving size changes

3. Recalculated values

4. New NFP format

5. NFP graphics guide

6. Current NFP check

7. New claims eligibility

8. Compliant claims   language & disclosures

9. Claim formatting guide

10. Recommendations


To assess the impact on your top products, call or email PLC for special introductory pricing, this month only. 

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