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July 2014



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Welcome to July's Label Alert. Ease into your workday with a little topical reading, plus, take advantage of 25% off PLC's Generic Label Audit service. We hope you enjoy this edition of Label Alert!




FDA Holds Public Meeting on New Proposed Nutrition Panel & Serving Sizes


On June 26th Prime Label attended FDA's public meeting on updates to the iconic nutrition facts panel and serving size RACCs. FDA received more than 4000 individual comments on its draft proposal and held this public comment session in Washington DC to flush out the major issues and to coordinate the conversation amongst the most vocal stakeholders.

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GMA Sues Vermont to Block GMO Food Labeling


The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and three other trade groups have sued Vermont to block the first GMO food labeling law from taking effect.

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The Supreme Court's Lesson on Labeling


The U.S. Supreme Court's unanimous ruling on June 12 in favor of Pom Wonderful has important implications for food processors. Until now, compliance with FDA labeling regulations generally meant a product was immune from a claim that its labeling is deceptive or misleading with respect to those aspects of the label sanctioned by FDA regulations.

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Redefining Food Allergens


The Food and Drug Administration on May 8 issued a draft guidance to industry that expanded the definition of "major food allergen" while explaining how the agency will weigh petitions and notifications for exempting certain food ingredients derived from major food allergens from allergen labeling requirements.

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Support for Healthy Meals Standards Continues to Grow


In 2010, Congress passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act with bipartisan support to help ensure every American child has to the nutritious food they need to perform well in school and grow into healthy adults. Now, just as childhood obesity rates are finally starting to level off, House Republicans are trying to rollback healthy meal standards and undermine efforts to provide kids with more nutritious food.

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