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June 2014



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Welcome to summer, and June's Label Alert ... start the new season with the latest industry news. And continuing our efforts to help industry comply with USDA's new Generic Rule, PLC is offering 10% off its powerful and feature-rich EZ Form software with Nutrition Navigator. Happy reading!




Proposed Nutrition Labels More Effective Than Current Labels: Survey


 In line with the goals set forth by FDA's proposed Nutrition Facts updates, consumers find proposed labels easier to read in less time and perceive food and beverage products with larger serving sizes to be less healthy, according to a study from the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research (GICR). 

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Digesting the Rise of Food Labeling Regulations


Food manufacturing organizations have been forced to stomach a variety of labeling initiatives in a short period of time. If you create, sell, distribute or supply food products, then you will be required to revisit your label designs due to three key labeling initiatives.

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First Lady Responds To School Meal Critics


First lady Michelle Obama is striking back at House Republicans who are trying to weaken healthier school meal standards, saying any effort to roll back the guidelines is "unacceptable."

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To Label or Not to Label


Congress is being asked to pass the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014 (H.R. 4432) preventing states from requiring labels on foods containing bioengineered ingredients. How did we get to this point?

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Food Processors and Ingredient Suppliers Study School Lunch Programs for Innovative Ideas


Processors and ingredient suppliers need to collaborate in creating meals that are nutritious and desirable for this picky and often overweight demographic.

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