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April 2014



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Welcome to April's Label Alert, your chance to catch up on the latest industry news. And this month we're offering 25% off Premium Access, our new consulting retainer service. Premium Access is especially useful now that industry is responsible for generic label compliance. Sit back and enjoy the new season ... with Label Alert!




How the FDA's Landmark Labeling Changes Affect Food Manufacturers 


On February 27, the FDA proposed two rules to amend, among other things, nutrition labeling requirements for conventional foods and dietary supplements; reference amounts customarily consumed (RACCs); and the definition of what constitutes a single serving container. If the proposed rules are finalized without significant changes, nearly every food label that requires a nutrition facts box - which includes most processed foods - will need to be revised to remain compliant with FDA regulations.

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Gen Y, Not Boomers, Influence Buying Habits Most


Born from 1977 to 1995, millennials are the largest generation since baby boomers with 79.8 million. Together, they have $1 trillion in spending power. By 2017, they will outspend boomers ...

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Consumers Demand More Transparency From Food Companies


Consumers are demanding transparency from food companies regarding where their food comes from and how it is produced, according to a new whitepaper from Sullivan Higdon & Sink (SHS).

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Appeals Court Approves COOL Meat Labeling


A federal appeals court is allowing labels on certain cuts of meat to say where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered.

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North American Meat Assn. To Merge With American Meat Institute


The North American Meat Assn.'s board of directors on March 21 voted to approve an agreement and plan of merger with the American Meat Institute. If AMI's members also approve, the merger could be effective Jan. 1, 2015.

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