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March 2014



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Welcome to the March Label Alert. This month we're highlighting coverage of the proposed updates to the Nutrition Facts Panel, featuring a special offer on the FFRC Nutrition Labeling Seminar. Enjoy!




White House and FDA Announce Proposed Updates to Nutrition Facts Label


 First Lady Michelle Obama and FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg announce proposed updates to the Nutrition Facts label as part of an effort to help families make healthier choices.

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Nutrition Facts Panel Overhaul Gets Under Way


The FDA released its proposed updates for the Nutrition Facts panel Feb. 27. Notable proposed changes include updating serving size requirements to reflect amounts people currently eat, and information about added sugars in a food product.

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Label Changes Open Door for Discussion of 'Good' Fats, GOED Chief Says


In the proposal by the Food and Drug Administration to update labels for foods and dietary supplements, the agency declined to set a value for omega-3 fatty acids.  This does not mean the agency discounts their health benefits, said Adam Ismail, executive director of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED).

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2014: The Year of the Label


What's in a name? Or, more appropriately for food manufacturers, what's on a label? In 2014, this question will be analyzed from angles we've yet to imagine.

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CSPI: 'Facts Up Front is a Joke that Should be Roundly Ignored by the FDA'


The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has again urged the FDA to come up with its own mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labeling system and "ignore" the industry-backed, voluntary 'Facts up Front' scheme.

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FFRC Nutrition Labeling Seminar:

$100 Discount


 In light of proposed changes

to the Nutrition Facts label, PLC is offering $100 off the FFRC Nutrition Labeling Seminar!* 


PLC's Nutrition Labeling Seminar covers current requirements and previews the proposed changes announced last week. The seminar takes place on Wednesday, April 30, following the Federal Food Regulatory Conference.


*Register online and use coupon code 0208, or contact Pat at Prime Label by March 15 to take advantage of this offer.


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