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October 2013
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Welcome to October's Label Alert. Catch yourself gazing out the office window at those colorful autumn leaves? Why not ease into your workday with a little topical reading, plus, take advantage of 50% off PLC's NFP development service. We hope you enjoy this edition of Label Alert!
in this month's headlines ...
Food Labeling Bill Proposes Radical Changes to 'Natural' Claims, Wholegrain Labels, Added Sugars; But Chances of Success are Slim, Say Lawyers
A bill proposing sweeping changes to food labeling laws covering everything from 'natural' claims to whole grain statements has been welcomed by consumer groups, but stands little chance of success, legal experts have told FoodNavigator-USA.
Gluten-Free Labeling for Food Producers
The FDA issued the final rule about labeling food products "gluten-free" on August 1, 2013 .... Here's what food companies need to know about the new gluten-free food labeling rule.
Meat Processors Find Solutions For Maintaining Flavor While Adding Less Sodium, Fewer Costs
Processors are finding ways to deliver processed meats, fresh meats, frozen meats and meat-based foods that are flavorful, not too costly, have greater shelf life and stability as well as a healthful nutritional profile. 
New U.S. Meat Label Rule Survives Challenge by Meat Packers
A U.S. district judge refused ... to stop the government from requiring labels on packages of beef, pork, poultry and lamb sold in U.S. stores to include more specific information about the meat's country of origin.
FDA Permits Qualified Health Claim About Whole Grains and Type 2 Diabetes, but is the Wording So Qualified No One Will Use It?
The FDA says it will permit qualified health claims on the relationship between eating whole grains and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, but is the wording it has proposed so qualified that no food manufacturer will want to use it?

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