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Welcome to the August edition of Label Alert! Enjoy catching up on industry headlines, and find out more about saving big on Prime Label's nutrition labeling manual.

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  • Focus on Cognitive Benefits Builds
  • Heart-Healthy Formulating
  • Canada Food Safety Inspectors Fall Victim To Austerity
  • Food Processors Chip Away at Salt
  • US Falling Short of Government Foodborne Illness Targets - CDC

  • Focus on Cognitive Benefits Builds

    Interest in cognitive benefits and claims is building in the food industry, with continued work to strengthen the science behind them, according to a leading nutritionist. Read on...

    Heart-Healthy Formulating

    Given the relationship of food and heart health and diet, some people eliminate foods; others simply modify their diets. Choosing foods with heart-healthy ingredients is one way to protect the cardiovascular system. Here's a look at a few key components of a heart-healthy diet that provide a guideline to formulating products that address this concern. Read on...

    Canada Food Safety Inspectors Fall Victim To Austerity

    The [Canadian] government has slashed the budget for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the federal department responsible for food safety, by $56 million over the next three years. Hundreds of inspectors and other agency employees are scheduled to be laid off, although meat inspectors won't be cut, Ottawa has vowed. Read on...

    Food Processors Chip Away at Salt

    Americans trying to cut sodium from their diets may be surprised to learn that bread, not chips or pretzels, is a leading culprit. The Centers for Disease Control studied 7,227 people and found that bread and rolls are the top source of sodium in America's diet, more than double the percentage of savory snacks. Read on...

    US Falling Short of Government Foodborne Illness Targets - CDC

    The US is falling short of government goals to reduce cases of foodborne illness, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed. Read on...

    Save 10% on Nutrition Manual
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    Prime Label's Course in Nutrition Labeling covers every aspect of USDA and FDA nutrition labeling. This 300-page manual covers every food under federal regulation, and follows a logical, step-by-step process for creating nutrition labeling. Contact Pat at Prime Label by Labor Day to take advantage of this offer.

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