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BREAKING NEWS: Major Shift in USDA Label Approval Process (read on....)
the art & science of label compliance

PLC is the premier full-service label consulting company.  Our Food Techs ensure that over 98% of your labels get approved by the USDA after resubmittals (compared with 63% industry-wide).  Because we process more than 10% of all labels approved by the USDA, PLC has more experience than any other consultant in food label compliance.  We offer the following family of services:

Label Review

Assuring that your food label is accurate can be confusing & time-consuming, especially as regulations differ between USDA and FDA foods.  For over 40 years, PLC has been reviewing food labels with our team of Food Technologist label experts on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. near the offices of the USDA.  If you want timely label approvals, you will need an experienced Food Tech reviewing your application to ensure that the myriad of regulations, policies and unwritten expectations are met.  PLC will also determine if your label qualifies for Generic approval, avoiding the long wait times at the USDA.  If your label needs to be submitted to the government, ensuring that it is accurate upfront is critical to timely approval.  Otherwise, rejection of a label can lead to multiple delays and costly production interruptions.

We provide:

  • USDA & FDA 3-level label reviews - with Express, Priority and Standard services
  • Child Nutrition labeling and approval
  • Submission to USDA or Generic Approval Report with Generic Qualification and Compliance Risk Analysis
  • Type-it-up service for handwritten forms not acceptable to the government
  • Food technologists trained in label formulation and nutrition
  • Convenient access to the USDA & FDA from our Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. location

Get faster and more accurate label approvals with the industry's largest and most qualified label consulting company. Download our order form, USDA Form 7234 & instructions, Temporary Approval form, or Power Tools for Labeling tips and fax/mail in your labels today!
Order Form
Form 7234
Temporary Approval
Form 7234
Power Tools
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Label Development
Label development services for USDA and FDA regulated foods assist your staff at any point in the development cycle - The services include:

  • Product name and formulation development
  • Computerized nutritional analysis
  • Nutrition Facts panel development
  • Health and Nutrition claims evaluation
  • Label content analysis and regulatory interpretation assistance
  • Government liaison
From product design to final compliance, Label Development Services let PLC’s regulatory experts and food technologists work hand-in-hand with your staff.


Premium Access

Premium Access gives you a direct line to Prime Label's committed Food Technologists, who are all regulatory experts. You pay a monthly retainer — at a lower rate than our standard consultation fees — and you receive Premium Access.


  • Preferred, speedy access
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Food Technologists
  • Fast answers
  • Reliable information from a company with 40 years of regulatory consulting experience

  •                 Premium Access.        Preferred Pricing.        Prime Service.

                                                                   Premium Access Flyer


    Label Audits

    To ensure full compliance with the complex and myriad requirements of the FDA & USDA, PLC offers an auditing service which examines your labels and labeling practices for accuracy and efficiency. With the volume of labels we process each day, we can easily identify common errors and deficiencies often overlooked by food companies. We:

    • Review your labels for compliance & accuracy and identify non-compliant labels
    • Review your documentation and record-keeping procedures & recommend "best of breed" practices
    • Assess in-house skills and recommend specific training
    • Provide a detailed action plan identifying problems and suggesting solutions
    • Share expertise and labeling techniques onsite with your staff
    • Audits performed by a food technologist with plant experience

    By eliminating prior label approval, the USDA is shifting compliance efforts to the food industry.  PLC's auditing services may help reduce the risk of your products coming under government scrutiny.


    Label Outsourcing

    Outsourcing is a service where PLC's labeling professionals can completely handle all your food labeling needs. If you are short of staff or lack the training to work on complex government requirements, we can become your extended food labeling staff - only when you need it. PLC has dealt with thousands of labels a year for over 30 years, and we can ensure high quality, cost-effective label compliance for your company. We provide:

    • Label formulation, naming, nutrition, claims & approval
    • An interface with your labeling, R&D, QA, marketing & graphics dept's
    • Dedicated food technologist as account manager
    • Complete electronic record of labels and approvals
    • Strict confidentiality

    If you have a labeling staff, we’ll relieve it of dozens of time-consuming tasks. If you don’t have a labeling staff, we’ll become it! Add the experts at PLC to your labeling staff and save time and money!

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